Unmistakable Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Connecting with deceased loved ones can be realized in many forms. But because it’s a highly sensitive subject, it’s not widely discussed, not in the mainstream at least. The internet has been a blessing for those of us interested in psychic and medium experiences – we are now able to share our stories and techniques with each other openly and easily.

Last time I checked what brought so many of you to this page – or to similar pages – was a combination of three things – a desire to recognize signs from a loved one in heaven, a desire to learn how to communicate with a deceased loved one, and finally taking active steps, such as looking up “dreaming of a deceased loved one what does it mean” in Google or talking to mediums for advice.

Recognizing signs from deceased loved ones is probably the simplest step, compared to the other ones. Here’s one reason why – learning how to make contact with a deceased loved one is not the same as being open and receptive to the signs our loved ones are actively sending us. In the former, we merely become a channel and receive, and in the latter, we need to actively seek our loved one, we need to initiate the communication.

For example, when we have deceased loved ones visiting in dreams, it’s because we are in a highly receptive mental state in our sleep, our brain waves are automatically less active, rendering us more relaxed and open. Sleep is also when we expand into the fourth level of our aura, where we can engage in astral travel and connect with all souls – deceased and living.

So, what kinds of signs do we get from our loved ones who have made their transitions? Here are the three most common signs that are super easy to spot.

  1.  Our dreams 

Our dream state is an automatically meditative, healing, psychic state. It’s much easier for our loved ones, including our deceased pets, to contact us. Upon waking up, make a point to remember not just the content of the dream but also how you felt as it transpired. Feelings are always part of our dreams, and they are just as important as the symbols, the people, the places and the events we see.

We can refer you to a dream dictionary, but the best is to talk to an online dream analyst or a medium to decode your dream.


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  1. Sensing their presence

Sensing your loved ones’ presence can include anything from sensing their spirit by feeling a vibration or energy to actually seeing them, hearing their voice, or even feeling their touch on your body.

To make sure what you’re experiencing is real (and not imaginary, which can happen when we are emotionally so vulnerable and in such a state of longing for someone), pay attention to a few things.

Firstly, when your loved one contacts you, are you feeling your feet or are you completely in your head, reminiscing or fantasizing? If you are feeling your feet and your whole body and you can easily pay attention to what’s in front of you and around you, then what you’re experiencing is most likely real. But if instead you find yourself “leaving” your body, switching to another mental state where memories feel more real than what’s in front of you, then what you’re sensing might be a figment of your imagination.

Of course, when your loved one contacts you, you’ll stop what you’re doing and your focus of attention will change. You can’t continue to work on a financial problem when you feel them. Press your feet against the ground, feel your legs, make sure your soul is “wearing” your body properly – this will ensure that your connection with your loved one is genuine and that it can continue.

Why do we do this? We strengthen our first chakra (our feet, connection with this earth) as we receive psychic, astral, and spiritual information from the higher chakra (fourth chakra, fifth chakra, sixth chakra, and seventh chakra). It’s like if a tree has strong roots, its branches can reach up higher. To be a better channel and to continue to have genuine soulful experiences, continue working on your first chakra.


  1. Coincidences

There are no coincidences in our universe. Energy creates events, and so every event has creative energy behind it whether people actively contributed to its creation or not. Coincidences, signs, symbols, synchronicities all happen because our energies and vibrations contributed to them – what you need to remember here is that our deceased loved ones can also contribute to this co-creative living process!

If you feel like your deceased loved one is protecting you, it’s not imagination. It’s happening because it is something that can easily happen given the spiritual laws of our universe. If you feel that going to a particular place helps you feel your loved one, it’s probably because they really loved that place too, and they visit it from time to time.

If your loved one’s favorite animal was the elephant and you keep seeing elephants, whether in your dreams, on television, coincidentally on the internet, or on t-shirts or notebook covers etc., then rest assured it’s your loved one reaching out to you.


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To initiate contact with your loved ones

If your loved one isn’t contacting you as frequently as you’d like, or if they haven’t contacted you at all, or maybe they did but you weren’t in a receptive mood to notice it, then you can try to initiate contact yourself. To do so, you need to allocate time and space to the task – unless you are an established, experienced psychic.

Find some quiet time, in a place where no one can disturb you for a while at least. Put your phone on silent or turn it off completely. Put your tablet away, turn off your PC too. If you believe your pets will disturb the process, you might want to put them in another room, too.

You can engage in spiritual communication in silence, or if there’s some kind of instrumental music that you believe will help, such as chakra music, or meditation melodies, you can have it play in the background. But turn it off if you find it even just one percent disturbing.

Engage in meditation or breathing exercises to calm and center yourself. You want to be able to reach a mental state that feels like sleep but unlike sleep, you are fully aware of your environment and what you’re doing. This is the main difference between receiving messages in sleep versus doing it actively – in both states, the mind is extremely relaxed, receptive and trusting, but in sleep, you aren’t aware of what you are doing i.e. that you’re sleeping.

Next, decide what would be the easiest way for you to contact your loved one. Whispering their name outwardly? Calling them using your inner voice? Looking at a picture of them? Holding a personal item they left behind? If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay. You can try different methods.

What’s your intention? Do you just want to feel their presence and re-experience the love you had between you in a more active way? Do you have something to say to them? Or are there questions you want to ask them? Keep in mind they might want to answer your questions and they might also not. It might make them happy or they might not like your inquisitiveness.

Whether in this world or after our transition, we all have our own personality! To make sure that your experience will be a positive one, check what your intention is before you contact your loved one. Be as pure as possible. Don’t seek to gain things from this encounter.

If none of the above works, you can also try stream of consciousness writing – again after meditation and calming down. Let the pen write whatever it wants to write without interfering with or judging what it writes. Don’t give up if the first time you do it doesn’t yield successful results. Practice over a few days or even weeks. At some point, you’ll give up control over the pen and your loved one will take over.


A final tip

There’s no need to get stressed about connecting with your loved one. Try it with an open heart and embrace whatever happens next. If you aren’t sure or if it doesn’t seem to work or feel real, you can always contact a medium to contact your deceased loved one. If your loved one was a pet, you can use a pet psychic to contact them (always ask before the session if they also work with deceased animals).

The best medium and psychic websites give you free minutes to try out your selected reader before committing to a paid session. Use those minutes to find the right reader for your needs (and your budget). Getting professional psychic assistance might reveal brand new or extra information that you didn’t get on your own. Good luck!


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