The Most Effective Energy Healing Techniques Psychic Healers Use

Have you ever wondered just how energy healing works? Whether it’s in-person or distance healing, the psychic principles of energy healing are the same – healers work with the seven levels of your auric field and your seven chakra, removing energy blocks from your past lives, from your past in this life, and those blocks that are due to your present circumstances.

Some energy healers are natural-born intuitive channels for spirit guides and angels, letting these light-filled beings use their hands for healing purposes, while others go through long trainings to be able to learn how to heal with energy. In the end it doesn’t matter whom you go to; in our experience and opinion both can help you very much the same way.

To understand how energy healers do what they do, let’s first explore the basics of the human energy field and the chakra.


The anatomy of your energy field

Each one of the seven chakra is connected to a life area. Briefly, your first chakra, located in the perineum, has to do with your survival skills i.e. your relationship with food, shelter, money, and other basic needs. Your second chakra, located in your lower belly, has to do with your relationship with yourself, whether you like yourself or not and all the other feelings you carry about yourself. It also has to do with sex, though the physical aspect of it, i.e. whether you are able to find pleasure in sexual activity. Your third chakra, located in your solar plexus, is about your boundaries, intellectual interests, and will.

Your fourth chakra is your heart chakra. It has to do with love – love you feel for your romantic partner, parents, children, animals, friends, coworkers, and even random people on the street. It’s the “relationship chakra.” And it’s the most important chakra, as it connects the first three chakra with the last three, acting like a bridge that connects your physical life with your spiritual reality. The emotional aspects of sex also have to do with this chakra.

Your fifth chakra is your throat chakra. It regulates your expression, including life-long artistic expression and your day-to-day speech. People who lie, or are in denial about their own realities, harm this chakra. People who never write, paint, dance, take photographs, or sing, tend to have a dull fifth chakra. Your sixth chakra has to do with your ability to formulate a long-term vision for your life, and also your ability to have short-term dreams. It’s the chakra where you visualize things, and it’s connected to the third eye – the center of clairvoyance

Your seventh chakra is located at top of your head, which is why it’s also called the crown chakra. It has to do with your connection to divinity and God (and if you don’t believe in God, you can use the word “universe” in its stead). How you connect with the whole affects the health of this chakra.

Psychic energy healers can focus on one particular chakra – by opening it, closing it some (sometimes it’s too open, and that is also not healthy), mending torn parts, bringing light to dark areas etc. A good healer would intuitively know which chakra or chakras need healing, but you could also ask them to work on a specific chakra if you have a strong pull about what you want to fix in your life.

Energy healers can’t fix your life for you, however. What they do helps for a week or a few weeks, where you experience what it means to have health in a particular chakra. For example, for three weeks after your session you might feel very artistic, creating things, playing with colors or words, writing or singing etc. You can continue to get sessions from your healer to keep the energy going, but ultimately, it’s your task to learn to allow your artistic side to flourish.


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The 7 layers of your aura

Perhaps more important than the chakra are auric fields. As mentioned above, there are seven of them – each chakra corresponds to a level. The first chakra to the first level, the second chakra to the second level, the third chakra to the third level etc. The most important level of all is the fourth level – your relational field – where you are connected to other people, animals, spiritual beings, and the whole universe.

When you hear people talk about astral travel, they are talking about the fourth level. This level is where everything happens! Time and space don’t matter. All energy healings affect and improve this level, as without this level, without relationships, our universe and the way we are all in this together, would make no sense.


Techniques to clean the fourth level of your field

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the human aura is structured, let’s now explore how healers clear and heal your field. Most healing takes place in the fourth level of your field – as mentioned above, it’s the most important level and it affects everything and every other layer.

A very strong technique to help heal you from past-life karma and from the traumas of this life, is to remove “images” of memories from your fourth level. For example, you might have been chained in a past life. Maybe you walked around with a chain, or you couldn’t even move because the chain was too heavy on your ankle. This could cause hip, leg, knee or ankle problems in this life, and you might also have this underlying sense that no matter what you do, you aren’t able to proceed towards your dreams – that somehow you are held back.

A good psychic energy healer would see this chain in the fourth level of your field, and by holding unconditional love towards you and your experience, he or she would proceed to remove it. It’s very important for the healer to suspend all judgment in that moment. It could be that you did some pretty bad things in your past life and hence they put you in a chain. Or, it could be that you were a good person but you didn’t or couldn’t stand up for yourself. Whatever the cause behind the chain, your psychic healer has to have a big heart and not judge anyone throughout the healing.

It’s also important for you to try to suspend all judgment about yourself, during your healing session. Remember, nobody is perfect and we all have had some ugly experiences, all of us.  Plus, given how times and cultures evolve and change, who is to say what we did in a past life was actually “objectively” bad?

For example, only a century ago if a woman left home to start a career, she would be judged extremely harshly, and would have to fight real hard to make things happen. And most likely, she wouldn’t be able to succeed, because the environment would be too hostile to any of her ambitions. But today, when an eighteen-year-old leaves home to go to college, no one judges her. In fact, we expect people, men and women, to have dreams and do things for themselves.

Therefore, neither you nor your healer should judge your past life. Things have changed greatly, and filtering the past through the understanding of today wouldn’t serve us in our healing.

So, suspending judgment and working with images in the fourth level, are the two most important tools to remove energy blocks from the field. Another very effective method is to see whom we’re most strongly connected in our fourth level, and to see if the energy cords that connect us are clean and healthy. A good energy healer can bring light to these cords and cleanse them of any negative residue.

Finally, did you know that all dreams take place in the fourth level? If energy healing isn’t your thing, you can always talk to a psychic dream analyst, and share your dreams with them to explore what’s happening in your auric field and how it’s affecting the different aspects of your life.  

Finding the best distance energy healer

Finding a good distance healer might not seem like an easy task but thanks to modern technology we can access healers from around the world, and choose the best ones thanks to client ratings and reviews. Make sure to read several reviews – because as much as the overall rating is super important, it’s also always helpful to read how other people describe the experience, in their own words.

Many reputable psychic websites give you free minutes to get to know your psychic healer. Make sure to use this time to your benefit – introduce yourself, ask your energy healer questions, and establish that they can help you with what you’re looking for.

Don’t forget to write a review after your psychic energy healing session is over. This will help others like you to find good healers faster and more efficiently. We should all look out for another!

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