The Most Common Aura Colors and Their Meanings

The human aura is a 7-layer psycho-spiritual energy field, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Every person has an aura, and auras are all always active, changing shape and color based on the person’s overall experiences throughout their lifetime and day-to-day events.

Auras reveal ample information about our thoughts, emotions, desires, intentions, and dreams. They also reveal information about our physical health. The colors vary greatly and can be anything from very light to dark shades but certain colors seem to be more prominent. These are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white.

These colors are more frequently present because they are the colors of the 7 chakra – the main energy processing centers in the human energy field.  If a color is persistently present in someone’s field, it has to do with the specific personality meaning i.e. if a person has always been highly spiritual, or intellectual etc. it can be seen in their field.

aura colors and meaningWhat color is your aura?

If you’ve been wondering ‘what color is my aura’ but can’t see your own aura no matter what, try this.

Find a potted plant. It can be one with or without flowers, but as a beginner, you might want to pick one with no flowers, to make the exercise easy on your eyes. So, some plant with long smooth leaves, preferably not a cactus. You might already have several at home.

Put this plant in front of a white a wall, with half a foot of a distance between the wall and the plant. Make sure there is soft lighting in the room. If the light is too strong or too dim, it’ll be difficult to see the plant’s aura.

Sit in front of the plant, preferably having it at eye level. Make sure you’re comfortable. Close your eyes, take a few breaths. Feel the ground under you, connect with it through your feet, or if you’re sitting on the floor, then through your sit-bones. Only when you feel strongly connected to the ground under you, open your eyes. You can touch your feet and legs to help ground faster.

Open your eyes, and look at the plant while still breathing slowly. Relax your eyes, maybe even close your lids half way. Don’t stress over it. Keep tracing the leaves’ perimeter with your relaxed eyes. Soon you should be able to see a white light surrounding the plant.

Aura color meanings

Human auras are much more complicated than those of plants and animals. They come in many colors. Once you learn to see the plants’ auras, start working on seeing your friends’ or your own aura. You can hold your hand against the white wall, the same you did with the plant. Follow the exact same steps.

Here are the meanings of the colors you’re most likely to see.


Red is a powerful color to have in your aura. It’s associated with the first chakra, the root, chakra, the foundation on which everything else rests. Depending on its shade and brightness, here’s what it can mean.

  •    Deep red: Grounded energy, a realistic attitude, survival-oriented actions i.e. food, shelter etc.
  •    Dark, muddied red: repressed, unexpressed anger boiling inside
  •    Bright clear red: having a sense of personal power, a lot of energy, ready to compete if necessary, deep passions including sexual desire, a healthy ego.
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The color orange relates to the second chakra which has to do with one’s feelings towards the self and one’s relationship to worldly pleasures, such as food, touch, and sex.

  •    Pale orange: an emerging sexual desire, nascent feelings of self-love, finding pleasure in “small” things such as a chocolate croissant!  
  •    Bright beautiful orange: vitality, vigor, creativity, adventure, full-on sexual desire, courage, excitement, and zest for socializing
  •    Dark, muddy orange: addictions, stress-related anxiety, lack of self-love, lack of desire to socialize


The color yellow is associated with the third chakra, which is associated with intellectual activity, willpower, rational decisions, and mental activity in general.

  •    Light yellow: an active interest in new ideas and areas, such as intellectual pursuits, psychic interest, or spiritual exploration – but all coming from a mental wanting-to-understand type of place. Light yellow also means emerging optimism, a sweet hopefulness.
  •    Bright yellow: Like the color of the lemon, this type of yellow signifies an urge to maintain willpower. The person in whose aura you see lemon-yellow wants to have clear boundaries and it’s very important to them not to lose control or prestige.
  •    Gold yellow: Just like gold, this type of yellow is metallic and shiny. It shows a person who’s combining her individual power with spirituality, someone with healthy boundaries and respect for others’ boundaries, too. It can also show a really inspired person.
  •    Brownish yellow: Someone who has spent too much energy trying to learn or accomplish something, such as an overworked employee, a mother on the verge of burnout, or a student who studies for an exam till the crack of dawn.


The color green relates to the heart chakra and all the activities that come from this chakra. It’s also the color of nature – a very soothing, familiar color to all of us.

  •    Bright green: This color means the person is going through a period of growth where he or she is learning to find balance in life. There is love involved – love of nature, people, animals, or love of a subject or an activity that comes after discovering one’s life purpose.
  •    Emerald green: This color is found in the auras of healers and all those love-centered people who serve humanity with love.
  •    Yellow-green: creativity that comes from deep within the heart
  •    Dark muddy green: This shade of green signifies victimhood. The person is in a bad place, blaming others for his or her own failures or situation. He or she is not able to take responsibility for what happened. Also signifies a judgmental attitude.
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The color of the fifth chakra, blue has to do with self-expression, communication, orderliness, being able to put one’s self first when needed, and having found one’s preferred profession.

  •    Light, soft blue: It shows a calm and collected state of being. The person speaks clearly, communicating what’s in his or her heart with honesty. The person is being truthful.
  •    Bright blue: Again, the person is very clear and communicative. In fact, so much so that his or her clair-senses such as clairvoyance and clairaudience has opened! They might be channeling information from their spirit guides.
  •    Dark muddy blue: The person might be lying or not communicating the whole truth. He or she might be hiding something from you, or from the person they are interacting with. There’s fear involved – it’s probably a subconscious defense. The person might be fearing rejection, criticism, or judgment.


Both violet and indigo relate to the sixth chakra, the chakra of the third eye, psychic powers, and the ability to be a visionary in worldly pursuits – like an inventor whose invention changes the course of history.

Both colors, when bright and healthy, indicate healthy intuition; a visionary, futuristic, solution-oriented approach; almost a magical connectedness with the divine. When you see dark or muddy violet or indigo, the person might be feeling very disconnected from the world and divinity, they might be focusing more on the problems than solutions. They turn a deaf ear to their intuition, believing it can’t be true.


White is associated with the seventh chakra, and all other, more evolved spiritual worlds and higher dimensions. It represents light, wisdom, and divine knowledge.

White in the aura can be powerful. It can mean the person is in an angelic state with an open heart and mind, ready to receive anything with unconditional love. If you see white sparkles or flashes of light, it might mean the presence of spirit guides or angels nearby. They could be protecting and guiding this person. It could also signal a new human soul, meaning a that of a baby, having attached to her mother’s aura.

All aura layers and colors have to do with the chakra – they are all intricately connected. Once you learn to see the colors in the aura, you can see through people and situations, and act from a better-informed place. But if you end up manipulating others using the information you get from their auras, remember your aura would change to reflect that, too! Make sure you’re always coming from a pure, honest place.

If you find that a certain color is missing in your aura, that it is never there, practice imagining being washed by that color – from a heavenly shower above your head, imagine the color coming to you in great quantities and let it wash over you gently and with love. You can do the same exercise imagining the color coming up from the earth under your feet.

A balanced aura has all the colors, all either soft or bright, but never muddy – but then we are human beings and no one has a perfectly balanced aura all the time. That’s why we are here on earth – to learn!

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