“In the original Hebrew of the book of Job (chapter xxxvii, ver.7), we find these significant words: “God caused signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men, that the sons of men might know their works.”

Palmistry is one of the oldest studies in the world.

What is a Simian line on the palms? Many have asked about this and have questioned it over the years. The word ‘Simian’ means relating to ape, or ape like.This refers to some monkeys who may have one line, or crease running across their upper palms.This can also be seen on some children who have Downs Syndrome.

It is quite rare to have a Simian Line showing on one hand, however it is even rarer to find it on both. It may be seen on an average of around two to six percent of the population who may have this, however this is much more common with Downs Syndrome people: It can also be that the person who has a Simian Line, or lines on the hands can often be quite intelligent and successful. Simian Lines have been found on these famous people: Tony Blair, Hilary Clinton, Robert De Niro and others.

A Simian Line is where most people who normally have two lines running across the palms (which are the heart and head lines), are entwined together showing one transverse line running across the palm.When one has the Simian Line on the hands, it can also mean that this person may be a little intense and may find it hard to distinguish between their feelings,or their mental intellect with logic. This will also depend on where the line may sit on the palm/s.

It can be quite difficult to determine where the line may really lie on the palm.If it is raised nearer to where the base of the fingers lie, then this can show that the person may lean towards their feelings and emotions, and may even be obsessive in relationships, which may rule their lives.If the line is set lower, more towards the center of the palm, then this can show that the person may be very logical and intellectual in their outlook and will want to have total control of their thoughts.

On both accounts where the position of the Simian Line may lie, it can show that the person may be prone to outbursts in their behavior, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.There are also additional things to take into consideration when reading the hands. As all things need correlating to give an accurate reading. For example, if the fingernails on the hands are splayed out from the tips, appearing fanned shaped, then this can mean that the person may be quite intense more intense, especially if they have a Simian Line as well. They may also be anxious and often may be of a slightly nervous disposition. However this is what I have seen with clients in the past, regardless of whether they have a Simian Line or not.

In all my twenty years of experience with reading palms worldwide, I have found that most people, who have had the Simian Line, were sound and good people.It takes all kinds of people to create and change this world for the better or for worse!



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