Healing with Colors

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy or light therapy, is an easy, practical, and effective holistic healing method that you can learn in a short amount of time and safely apply in your life – whether to enhance your overall well-being or a specific life area you’d like to work on and improve.

Not only is color healing therapy extremely convenient and beneficial, it’s also a lot of fun and gives you room to be as creative as you can! It’s also very inexpensive because you can use materials, furniture, clothing etc. that you already own. And if you decide to buy new things, there are many cheap ways to do so – nothing has to come from high-end designers nor do you need to change your whole wardrobe or house.

While you can find a color healing chart online, the best is to review what each color does and how it affects the psyche, decide which colors you need more of, and create your own chart! It could even be as simple as a sticky paper on your fridge that lists three-four colors!

For color therapy treatment to be effective, you’ll want to mix spontaneity with consistency. Figure out which colors you need more of, add more of them to your life, but make sure to check with yourself each and every day as well – for example, while you may need more blue in your life in general, you might get up feeling really low in energy one day and might need some red that day.

So, without further ado, here are several super easy tips and techniques you can quickly apply and benefit from.

How to use color therapy for healing

Each color has its own effect on your psyche, aura, chakra, the spiritual healing process, and even on the people around you. Each color can be used to charge and heal a particular chakra – each one of the seven chakras has its own color vibration. Here’s a quick list.

First chakra – red

Second chakra – orange

Third chakra – yellow

Fourth chakra – green

Fifth chakra – blue

Sixth chakra – purple/indigo

Seventh chakra – white

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You can wear these colors to charge your chakra. You can add them to your environment, paint them, meditate on them but colors do more than charging the chakra. And there are other colors that aren’t associated with chakra, yet they are just as effective in healing. Here we list all relevant colors, followed by tips on how you can use each.

  • Red: charges the whole auric field and especially the first chakra. Good to wear or use when sick, sore, or in pain. Helps to warm up when feeling cold.
  • Orange: helps charge the whole auric field as well as the second chakra, increasing resilience, vitality, and immunity, enhancing sexual desire and prowess
  • Yellow: charges the third chakra. Helps increase mental clarity, intellectual activity, clearing confusion.
  • Gold: helps maintain proper boundaries, protecting from unwanted intrusions
  • Green: charges the heart charka (fourth chakra). Charges the field with balancing properties. Increases and speeds up general healing. Calms the psyche down as well as the eyes.
  • Blue: a generally cooling, calming color (in soft shades). Good for enhancing spirituality and connecting the soul’s deepest, truest desires.
  • Turquoise: charges the fifth chakra. Helps increase creativity and expression.
  • Lavender: helps cleanse the field from unwanted energies, evil eye, and negativities
  • Purple: increases connection to your own spirituality and to the spirit world. Helps feel divine love, fate, and the divine plan.
  • Indigo: charges the sixth chakra, good for opening and charging the third eye, helping increase psychic activities
  • White: charges the seventh chakra, brings peaceful feelings, calms the psyche down.
  • Black: brings silence and emotional privacy and protection

Now that you know the healing colors meaning, let’s now explore the different ways you can bring these colors into your life and surroundings.

If you like painting, a super easy way to use color therapy is by using the colors you need in your paintings more often. You can also just paint a whole canvas with one color – if you need purple, use a tiny brush to paint a large canvas in small strokes. It will require patience, but the process will help you get into a meditative mode, looking at, focusing on, and painting the same color. Hang your painting somewhere you’ll see often.

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Another simple way is to paint a water bottle in a color you feel drawn to or need. Put drinking water in this bottle and drink from it for at least several days or even weeks. Water is so versatile and so affected by the environment that having it in color will program it to change. Have you heard of Masaru Emoto? He showed in his experiments that even uttered words cause water molecules to change and program them. (You can watch a relevant video here).

color therapy

Of course, a super easy way to bring your chosen color into your life is by wearing clothes in that color. If you need yellow, you don’t have to dress all in yellow though. There’s no need to buy so many new items either. Just a scarf would do. If your intention is to charge a certain chakra, wearing those colors near the physical location of chakra will increase the color’s effect.

For example, since the first chakra is associated with the color red, and since the first chakra is located at the perineum and is connected to the legs and feet, wearing red pants or shoes would make this color therapy practice very effective. If you need turquoise, wearing a scarf around the neck, the location of the fifth chakra would make it the most effective. For more on the chakra and their locations, click here.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to go into the details, then just go by instinct. There is no need to stress out about this – if all you have is one red shirt and you really feel a need to add more green into your life, and you can’t afford new clothing items, then just wear what you have! You can google “color green,” click on “images,” find a shade of green you like, click on it, make it full screen, and enjoy looking at and meditating on full-screen green, for free! Make it your wallpaper to see it all the time.

Craving blue? Go outside and look at the sky, especially if it’s a clear day. Want indigo? Go out after sundown and enjoy watching the sky. If you live near a park or a garden, you can use the trees and the flowers to spend time with the colors you need. Need white? Use the clouds or blank sheets of paper. Colors are around us everywhere.

If you have the budget to spare and splurge a little, buy yourself a duvet in a color that you need or feel drawn to – more often than not, the color you need in your system will be the one you’ll be instinctively drawn to. Cover your bed with the duvet and sleep under it. You can also buy pillowcases and sheets, and create a monochrome sleeping experience!

You can get a large throw to wrap yourself with while watching television or working on the computer. You can buy pillows or change the pillowcases to use the living room. There’s really so much you can do – because color therapy is as simple as looking at, wearing, or painting certain colors. That’s all. Enjoy!

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