Pregnancy Prediction – A Psychic Approach to your Pregnancy Tests

Ever wondered how different psychics and spiritual masters approach, evaluate and understand pregnancy? From Chinese pregnancy prediction to a uniquely-designed pregnancy prediction tarot spread, psychics all over the world have found diverse ways to provide answers to women who’d like to get pregnant, women who are looking for a pregnancy gender prediction, and women who’d like to get a pregnancy horoscope prediction for their babies – sun sign, rising sign and more.

There is a plethora of websites that provide free pregnancy psychic prediction services but most are automatic and generic; so, it’s definitely a good idea to take the time to find one that will give you personalized, real live advice – check out this article we published a while ago on the best live psychic advice online.

During this magical time of your life, you should get only the very best support from the very best of people – from friends, medical professionals, relatives, family and your partner, and from psychic advisors.

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The Baby’s Sex prediction myths and beliefs

It’s probably one of the most wondered about and asked question in early pregnancy. It’s like, what did people do before ultrasound!? But even in the age of advanced medicine, women (and sometimes their partners and families, too) have to wait 18 to 20 weeks before they find out whether they’re having a girl or a boy (and thirteen weeks to know if they’re having twins). The pregnancy prediction calendar is a tough one to wait out!

Over centuries, midwives and others have claimed many gender prediction pregnancy symptoms, including some fun myths. In some places in the Middle East, it’s believed that if the baby is a girl, the mother’s face gets “ugly” – the new baby-girl “steals” her mother’s beauty! Whereas a boy-baby makes his mother’s face shine with beauty.

In many parts of the world, there’s the idea that how and when you feel sick during your pregnancy gives some clue – if you’re really suffering from morning sickness, your baby is more likely a girl. Or, if you crave sweets, you’re having a girl; and a boy if you crave sour foods. Dry skin during the pregnancy gender-prediction period means you’re having a boy – if your skin is smooth and shining, it’s a girl!

Pregnancy Prediction with Horoscope and Tarot

Pregnancy astrology prediction readings can give you an idea about your baby’s possible sun sign, or what you – based on your natal chart including your sun, rising and moon signs – can expect from your pregnancy, delivery, and your baby’s first months. Your astrologer can also use your partner’s natal chart and make predictions based on both charts together.

Tarot is an excellent pregnancy prediction tool – the cards can answer any question, yes/no or open-ended questions, and can explore any question in depth using a variety of spreads – from simple 3-card spreads to detailed 10-card spreads. From your baby’s gender to his or her fate, any subject can be explored with the help of the insightful Tarot cards.

Cartomancy includes more than the amazing Tarot deck. There are angles cards that can tell you about the spiritual life purpose of your baby, so you can help him or her realize his or her deeper self.

You can also consult a rune casting specialist, a medium (who can communicate with your baby’s soul directly), or a crystal ball reader to explore more. You can talk to a reincarnation specialist and learn about your baby’s past lives and why he or she might have chosen to come into your life at this point in time.

Ultimately, what matters the most isn’t the psychic technique you choose, but the psychic advisor you choose. Make sure to read your psychic’s profile before you get your paid session and take a look at their specialties. All the better if they focus on pregnancy!

Some websites give you free minutes with each psychic who’s new to you. This might be an excellent way to discover new psychics and ask them if they can give you what you need – and you won’t be charged for this asking. You can also use your free minutes to start your reading, test out the style of the psychic, and decide if you want to continue on to a paid session.

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Pregnancy Predictions in Dreams 

Our dreams tell us much about our subconscious life, our underlying beliefs about life and people, our unexpressed emotions and our deepest desires. During pregnancy, many women have more vivid, colorful, and meaningful dreams – pregnancy dreams’ gender prediction capacity is high – there are many symbols that should be paid attention to – and there’s also much more. Your baby might be telling you important things about what he or she needs, including physical and spiritual needs.

Talk to a top live dream analyst if you had a dream that has moved you in some way. It might also be a good idea to keep a dream journal throughout your pregnancy – every time you have a dream, especially when you have ones that wake you up in the middle of the night, jot them down! You might forget them by the morning – or remember them differently, which can change the meaning!

Check out this article for the most common dream symbols – but bear in mind, even the meaning of such symbols can change in pregnancy.

A Few More Tips

Regardless of which psychic technique you prefer or which psychic you choose, make sure to enjoy the process – predictions should not become a source of anxiety or stress for you. Keep an open mind and an open heart, and embrace these nine months and beyond with as much joy as possible.

Coming to earth is already a difficult process for any incoming soul – to concentrate so much consciousness and life energy into one tiny body, and to relearn everything in a brand-new life in a brand-new environment and circumstances, is a daunting task for any soul – new or old. Right now, in the womb, your baby’s first chakra – the basic grounding, the key spiritual template their whole life will rest on – is developing.

This chakra gets influenced by your hormones and emotions, especially your fears – whether of real or imagined dangers, including financial worries. Try to have trust in the process and in the abundance of the universe to help you and your baby feel safe. Your baby’s first several months in the world also heavily influence the first chakra – some things can be beyond your control, and life doesn’t have to be perfect for your baby to develop a strong first chakra. Do your best, don’t stress out, and your baby will learn to go with the flow also.

You can learn about the seven chakras here – work to charge yours during your pregnancy to provide an even friendlier, more positive and healing environment for your baby. Take some time every day to meditate and talk to your baby – he or she might not understand words, but babies speak the language of vibrations and energy fluently. Talk to them in the language they understand! If you feel that you need auric protection, read our energy healing and protection article. With some simple practices, you can create a stronger auric field for yourself and your baby.

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