Truth-finding 101: How to Get the Best Real Psychic Advice Online

The internet can feel like one big jungle, especially if you’re looking for a genuine, caring, personal service such as live psychic advice. How to search, whom to trust, to give or not to give your credit card number… are all extremely important things to consider in this day of hackers, spammers, pop-up websites and blogs with no real registered persons or companies behind them.

So, how should you go about finding a real online psychic? Here, we share some great insider tips, based on our many years of experience in the psychic world.

First things first: are psychics real?

Why let skeptics influence you when you could find genuine advisors who can help you reach the next step? But also, why let scammers take your money and ruin your mood with made-up answers you know you can’t trust? There’s got to be a middle way. There’s got to be an effective way to sort through psychic advisors.

But so, are psychics even real? Is there such a thing as psychic advice? The answer depends on one thing and one thing only: the psychics you’ve come across. If you have gotten good, or even great, readings from professional psychics, then, yes, for you, they are real. But if you’ve only bumped into fake psychics who misled you and caused you to waste time, money and effort; then for you, it would probably be very difficult to believe that psychics could actually be real.

So the answer depends on your subjective experience. For us here at FreeAstrology123, psychics are real because we know too many of them to deny the fact. We have worked with them, gotten readings from them, and benefited from them. As people with a special interest in all things astrological, we know our natal charts by heart, for example. We have firsthand experience of the understanding an astrology chart can provide. We also know the other types of psychic readings that work for us.




The thing is, there’s no shortage of internet advice on how to tell if a psychic is real; yet, we believe much of the “information” is just plain old advertising. A good psychic website or mobile app shouldn’t have to convince you: through transparent policies, such as allowing unedited ratings and reviews, they should empower you to make informed decisions. A good live psychic shouldn’t have to go out of their way to convince you either – their unedited online ratings and reviews should speak for themselves.


A few indispensable tips on how to find a real psychic

Word of mouth is a powerful way to find recommended psychic services. If your family and friends already know amazing psychics, you’re in great luck. If they don’t know such a person, you can then rely on the next best thing: word of mouth by strangers. Check out psychic websites or mobile apps that allow psychic advisees leave unedited reviews and ratings after getting their sessions.

If a particular psychic has a 4.7 rating out of 5, and if hundreds or even thousands of advisees voted, then this is something to take into account when making your decision. Also, if people bothered to write a full review, this is also a good sign. Most of us tend to write to an online review either when we are really disappointed by the service or really happy. Use this to your advantage: take a few minutes and read some reviews.

Taking the time to read a psychic’s online profile is always a good idea. If you see too many big promises, or a lot of talk about how great they are in what they do, you might want to stay away. Instead, go for those psychics who list their expertise area and specific experience. Expertise areas include astrology, Vedic astrology, numerology, mediumship, Tarot, pet psychics etc. There are many areas to list here – just make sure your psychic is very clear about their areas of expertise, that they are not vague.

It’s like hiring someone to work at your office. In their resume, you’d like to see specific work experience and skills listed, and you’d like proof too. In the psychic world, such proof can be seen in the ratings and reviews. Another thing you might want to check is the number of years the person has been offering psychic services. If this information is available, it’s a good sign.

A new psychic can be equally great as a veteran. While they might not have the hundreds of reviews and ratings to flaunt, they might still be genuine and good at what they do. In this case, review their profile and see what they have to say about themselves. And if the website allows, you can always get a short reading, maybe even for a few minutes, and only continue if the reading is good.

Let’s assume you found a real psychic with experience. Now, what? How will you make sure you, personally, get a good reading? How will you make sure they will tell you everything that they see?

How do you know if a psychic is telling the truth?

“Should I believe what a psychic told me?” is a question we get a lot here at FreeAstrology123. The thing is, personality is personality. Some people tend to hide things from their bosses or clients or coworkers, and others don’t. It’s the same with psychics. They have the ability to see into situations and the future, but they are still just fallible people.

With psychics, things might get tricky if they see an imminent bad situation in your cards. They might not immediately want to share it with you. So, how do you make sure you only get absolutely genuine insights, whether they are positive or negative? Can you handle the truth?

Like we explored above, one sure way is to take a look at the psychic’s reviews. People who have gotten readings from them will tell you how honest, direct and genuine the psychic has been in the past and recent past. (One way you can contribute is by writing a review yourself after your session. We believe that psychic advice seekers are a community and we each must contribute).

Another way to get specific answers from your psychic advisor is asking very specific questions. Be clear about what you want to know. Avoid being vague when you communicate with your psychic. The clearer you are, the clearer will be your psychic. They will also be more comfortable sharing with you what they see.


Can psychics be wrong about relationships?

It could happen. What you want to do is find a psychic who’s a good match for you and stay with that person for a while. This way, you’ll build a relationship with your psychic advisor and they will be familiar with you and your relationships, including your romantic relationship. This familiarity will allow them to go deeper and deeper into the situations and events, and see into the future, more easily. Some psychics might not need to know you at all, but in our experience, this type of relationship-building with your psychic advisor works wonders.

When you have a good relationship with your psychic, you’ll get more out of your sessions because you won’t have to start from scratch every time, introducing yourself and your situation. The base will already be there. The psychic will also be familiar with what you want out of your relationship and out of life. They will get to know you in a personal level, knowing what type of advice gets you to your desired outcomes the fastest.

To sum up, check out ratings and reviews, make sure they are not edited, read the psychic’s profile, check out their expertise areas, and try to find a psychic with whom you can develop a relationship. These tips will help you get genuine results. And don’t forget to leave a review after your session – help fellow psychic advice seekers out there! Let’s strengthen this community together.


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