Third Eye Chakra

Name in Sanskrit: Ajna
Meaning: “Perceive” or “beyond wisdom”
Location: Third-eye, mid forehead
Number of Petals: 2
Color: Purple

The sixth chakra, sitting between the throat chakra and the crown chakra, is also known as the third eye chakra or the guru chakra. The third eye symbol is a downward facing triangle inside a lotus flower, which is truly profound in its simplicity.

Downward facing or upside-down triangles always represent feminine aspects of the psyche – as this chakra is the chakra of psychic powers and intuition, and as psychic faculties can’t be forced or penetrated but only received, in surrender and openness, it makes sense that this chakra would be associated with feminine energy. Here we’re talking about a state of mind and soul, and not of sex or gender – as we all have both feminine and masculine qualities in our souls.

The third-eye chakra color is a bright, beautiful shade of violet. In Sanskrit this chakra is called Ajna chakra, and the word “ajna” can be translated as “perceive,” “command,” or “beyond wisdom.” It’s one of those words without an exact translation as it’s a word with multiple meanings in Sanskrit. All three meanings of ajna hint at the faculties of the Third Chakra.

So, what is the third-eye? The 3rd eye is a psychic eye that we all have, between our two physical eyes, slightly above the physical eye level, in the lower-middle forehead. It has been associated with different parts of our brain, but Eastern gurus knew about the third eye meaning and existence way before Western scientists took an interest and wondered which brain parts might be associated.

The third eye gives us the ability to see beyond what we “normally” see. It’s about expanding our visual range – something anyone can learn to do with simple exercises. If you want to work on your third eye faculties, start by learning to see auras. This is the best way to get your third eye activated and supported.

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When the third-eye chakra is imbalanced
A disfigured, undercharged, overcharged, or torn third-eye chakra affects our ability to have psychic intuition, or in extreme cases to even be able to see what’s in front of us. A blocked third chakra makes us go into denial about how our life is unfolding, about people and situations. We deny our pain and create a façade of happiness.
A blocked sixth chakra also causes us top stop dreaming, or cause us to be unable to imagine a better future for ourselves. It would cause us to feel doomed, and make us feel like no matter what we do, life won’t change, that we’ll repeat the same cycles.

Think of something you’d like to change in your life. Can you imagine the new situation you desire without fighting with the old? Can you imagine having a house without worrying about the mortgage or the bills? Pay attention to how you imagine your future life to be and this will give you great clues about the state of your third-eye chakra.

Sages say, if you can see it in your third-eye, it’s going to happen – see what feels easy to imagine for yourself in your mind’s eye, and what seems or feels difficult.

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Third-eye chakra opening
A simple third-eye chakra healing technique is to sit down in a meditative position, in a quiet room, legs crossed and back straight, making sure you won’t be disturbed for at least twenty minutes. Close your eyes and place your hands wherever they’ll feel comfortable. Let go of any thoughts or fears you may have and visualize your forehead filling up and illuminating with a bright violet glow.

You can also rub the third-eye area in your forehead, physically, with your fingers, to get your attention to go there completely. Breathe in and out deeply as you do this, and continue without a break for several minutes at least.

The above techniques are great for those with an undercharged, closed, or disfigured third-eye chakra. But some of us have excessive energy in our third-eye chakra. Those of us who have a tendency to live in a fantasy world, who are “too psychic” easily losing touch with the reality in front of us, those of us who prefer spiritual friends to human friends, might have too much energy in this chakra. It might sound cool to be so psychic, but it’s not, and it can cause real pain.

To release the accumulated excess energy in your third-eye chakra, work with a therapist or counselor to explore and uncover how your childhood or your recent/current environment might have affected your soul. You might need to learn to “come down” to earth and find friendliness and love through humans. Explore why you want to live in the spirit world so much – what’s causing you so much pain on earth?

Third-eye chakra mantra is “AUM” – sounding very much like OM, a simple sound you can repeat in meditation or just sing out loud. It’s good for both undercharged and overcharged sixth chakras. Third-eye chakra reiki also has some good techniques if you prefer working with a reiki master.


Third-eye chakra affirmations
“I have the right to see.”
“I have the right to know psychic and spiritual truths.”
“I have the clarity to see the reality that’s in front of me.”
“I have the right to dream, to imagine new realities for myself.”
“I can see into people and situations.”
“I like seeing what this world has to offer.”
“I see things clearly.”


Fun everyday practices
To heal the third-eye chakra, you can wear a violet, purple, or lilac shirt, pants or a scarf, get purple pillows or throws for the living room. Given the location of this chakra, wearing purple hats, bandanas, earrings, or glasses is extra effective. You can also paint a water bottle bright purple, and drink water from this bottle for a few weeks. You can paint your nails purple, or paint a canvas in shades of purple – there are many shades

If you’d like to wear third-eye chakra stones or have them around your house, obtain shungite, amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli and quartz. Any other purple crystal or gemstone would work as well. You can wear them as jewelry or put them in different rooms in your house. Make sure to regularly wash your third-eye chakra crystals with mild soap and water, and give them some time in the sun – this will charge them and keep their energy properties intact.

Sixth chakra healing practices include creating visual art – paintings, sculptures, coloring, drawing etc. It would also be a helpful practice to connect images with feelings – connecting this chakra to your heart center is a powerful exercise. Hypnosis, guided visualizations, dreamwork, and past life work are also highly useful for anyone with on over or underactive sixth chakra. Finally, daily meditation is highly recommended for anyone who wants to stimulate or calm down their third eye chakra.

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