Chinese Lucky Number 6

All about Chinese Lucky Number 6

The number 6 is a lucky number , especially in business. The Cantonese also consider this number to be the sign of great wealth. Out of all the Chinese lucky numbers, businessman and women favor number 6. Its pronunciation is similar to ( liu) in Mandarin, which is interpreted to mean ” Do something easily and smoothly”. The number 6 is considered auspicious in matters of love and relationships.

You can consider number 6 to be lucky and represent a harmonious union when present and engaging in any type of partnership or relationship. 6 as a fortunate number , is also considered to be a number where things go well or smoothly. People also believe that if a person lives to the age of 66, it should be celebrated in a grand way, for it signifies longevity. If a man wants to get married to a girl, often in Chinese culture the man will bestow a gift to her family bearing the amount of  CNY 6666, or 66666 and this money is considered fortunate and will bless the new couple for a harmonious life.

Below are a list of numbers that the Chinese believe will bring great fortune, luck or prosperity.

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