Sacral Chakra

Color : orange

The Sacral Chakra, is the 2nd Chakra and is located about 2 inches below your navel, or belly button. ( symbolized by the color orange). The Sacral Chakra , reflects our creativity, sexuality and our ability to change.  This chakra reflects your ability to go with the flow, acceptance of yourself, others and trust in life . This is also considered a chakra that embodies pleasure. Health issues associated with this Chakra include prostate and gynecological problems, bladder issues and lower back pain. Blocks may come up here, with guilt, shame, inability to accept change and fear.

Healing technique –

Sit down in a meditative position, legs crossed and back straight. Close your eyes and place your hands over the part of the body where the sacral chakra is located.  Let go of any intentional thoughts or fears you may have and visualize this area filling up and illuminating with a bright orange glow. Imagine a great warmth spreading over you and happiness and excitement entering your life. You let go of all that is blocking you and replace it with openness , happiness and great pleasure.

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