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Thousands of years ago, astrology and astronomy were one and the same. Babylonians, Sumerians Romans, and Egyptians all studied it and contributed greatly to it. Today, astrologers study these ancient teachings as well as the position of planets using the latest gadgets we have. They combine mathematically accurate astronomy with the spiritual teachings of sages from all ages and corners of the world to come to targeted predictions.

The world of astrology is full of charlatans just waiting to mislead gullible clients. Not only are their readings incorrect, they can even do damage to trusting people who seek astrological guidance. That’s why it is vitally important to choose your personal astrologer carefully. 

You can’t put yourself in the hands of any astrologer. Take the time to read about the top astrologers and the best online astrologers. You’ll find that professional astrologers can give you an accurate reading, that helps get your life on track. Choose a certified astrologer who has been mentored by successful professionals and has gained experience in the field. 

The best astrologers have a working knowledge of philosophy, astronomy, and science as well as an in-depth knowledge of the zodiac. Astrologers need more than education, they need an aptitude for the profession, and foresightedness. They need to be emotionally available to their clients and have some natural ability, spirituality, or special gift in the field of mysticism. There has to be empathy, chemistry, or connection between the astrologer and his client. 

There are several ways you can find the best astrologer for you. Here you’ll find tips you can use to determine whether an astrologer suits you and can provide what you are looking for in an astrological reading. Don’t book an astrological reading without reading these tips first!

How to Spot a Real Astrologer

You’ll know you’re dealing with a real astrologer if they base their reading on astrology, and not on information they get from you. The only information they should need from you is your birth date, time, and location, plus the same details about anyone you want to talk about. And they will need to know what questions you want to be answered, or what area of your life you want to focus on. 

A real astrologer will tell you about your chart and how the planets relate to each other, but they’re not there to give you a lesson in reading the stars. Real astrologers, like the ones we list in our directory, will not tell you what you should do. Instead, they point you in the right direction, give you facts, and tell you when and how things could happen. No authentic astrologer name drops about celebrity clients! True astrologers do not use shock value – they won’t tell you how frightening your chart is, or that your goals are hopeless. Real astrologers never tell you when you’re going to die. And they don’t give specifics about events and people you’ll meet, but will refer to the likelihood of something happening, or how the position of the planets will affect events in your life.

How to Spot the Best Astrology Sites

You should avoid astrology websites with pop-up ads out of control, poorly written posts, and a lot of words that say nothing. Stay away from astrology sites that make unrealistic claims. No, they can’t tell you the name of your soul mate! Look for websites (like ours) that provide multiple astrology services such as daily, weekly, and monthly readings, plus birth chart analysis. If a site offers a few minutes to chat for free to figure out if it is what you’re looking for, then they are probably legitimate. We offer a free 3-minute chat with our astrologers, every time you try a new astrologer. So you’re bound to find the one that suits you.

Why We’re the Best Astrology Site

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  • We do not make unrealistic claims and we’re aware the mystical arts and astrology are not sciences and that readings can’t be taken literally.
  • And most importantly, you get 3-minutes free every time you try a different astrologer. So you can see if you “click” and if you want to continue with the reading, at no risk.

What Kind of Astrology Reading is Right For You

Astrology is a field of study that examines the heavens and how they influence our lives and personalities. Both astrology readings and horoscopes are based on the field of astrology. The word horoscope has come to mean a short, general forecast based on your astrology sign or zodiac. But in fact, your horoscope is the natal chart, or birth chart used in astrology readings to give a comprehensive examination of how the position of the planets and stars at the time of our birth influence your life.

Horoscopes – 

  • An astrological chart that depicting planetary positions, and reflecting their influence on your life and personality.
  • Horoscope readings are derived from astrology.
  • Good for a general overview with daily, monthly, or yearly predictions.
  • Predictions

Astrology Reading – 

  • Based on the study of the heavenly bodies as they affect you and your life in detail.
  • There are several types of astrology reading from different cultures. Western astrology reading, Indian (Vedic) astrology readings, Chinese astrology readings, Horary astrology readings, etc. They all base their study on the heavenly bodies but vary in the calculations, timing, and some of the terms.
  •  An in-depth examination of your horoscope/birth chart using the planetary positions, stars, aspects, astrology houses, moon, sun, and more at the time of your birth.
  • Astrology readings are to gain a deeper understanding of your life, and predictions for the future. In an astrology reading you’ll explore personal issues, major lifetime events, behavior, relationships, and emotional issues as affected by the planets.

To be able to bring you the best astrologers, we have partnered with Kasamba, a leader in delivering online astrology readings. We are confident in recommending them – in our experience, they offer the best astrologers with exceptional customer-written reviews, as well as psychics with special gifts in a variety of spiritual categories like rune casters, crystal ball readers, mediums, love psychics, clairvoyants, career psychics, tarot card readers, and more.

Astrology readings have been trusted since ancient times including by kings, queens, governments, politicians, artists, famous people and other influencers. Astrology has an exact science behind it – a systematic way to explore the skies, measure distances between planets and Earth, and understand their effects. Astrologers combine the celestial information derived from the time and place of your birth chart with current planetary movements to make predictions. Because astrology is complicated and it needs to be studied and learned, it’s important to find a learned, experienced astrologer and not get sidetracked or tricked, or have your time or money wasted.

In a world where everything moves so fast and we’re bombarded with so much information, it is more important than ever to get the truthful, exact answers you need as quickly as possible.
To that end, below we compiled some answers to questions you may have about astrology and astrologers. We also discuss the benefits of having a reading and what to expect when getting spiritual and worldly guidance from a real astrologer.

What is the real value of an astrology reading?

An in-depth astrology reading can guide you to make the right decisions regarding your love life, career, family & friends, life path, goals, karma from past lives, and whatever choices or challenges you are presently facing. An astrology reading is an option you should consider if you want to increase your chances of making the right choices, succeeding, and finding fulfillment, inner peace and joy. Astrologers can map out the sky when you were born i.e. create your natal chart, and compare it to the planetary positions, transits and retrogrades of today, and give you the best guidance possible, deciphered from the skies, for you to be able to make decisions big and small. Take risks or play safe, go after your dreams or wait things to become clearer, move on from someone or a situation or stay put – they can answer all this and more.

Are online astrologers real?

It used to seem impossible to get an accurate, in-depth, reliable astrology reading via phone, email, or live chat, but this has drastically changed in recent years as everyone is online a lot more including astrologers themselves. Nowadays, you can just turn on your PC, tablet, or mobile and look up a real live astrologer. You can even get psychic or astrologic advice (sometimes for free) on a variety of life areas including relationships, love compatibility, career, finances, spirituality, karma, and so on – anywhere and at any time.
Before getting a reading on the internet, though, there are several things that you might want to think about. First, you need to find a reliable, real platform that offers only quality psychic readers and astrologers, and offers several capabilities and options such as keeping a written, saved record of your reading(s) to which you can go back anytime to review and reflect upon what your reader said.
A gifted, experienced astrologer can give a brilliant analysis of your life and current situation, , but not be able to help another person. Sometimes the personalities don’t match. Or you might need a certain area of expertise and the astrologer might not have it. That’s why choosing the right astrologer is key to getting the advice you need. One way to make sure you’ll get a good astrologer, one that can help you is by reading reviews written about different astrologers, their styles and how detailed they are, as well as by reading the astrologers’ self-created profiles.
In addition, before you click on an online astrologer to get a reading, it helps to clear your thoughts and energy, so you know what you want to focus on, what types of questions you want to ask, and what it is you seek from the reading.

How does an astrology love reading can give you advice in your relationship?

Ask any astrologer, online or not, and chances are, the most common life area that they explore for their clients is love, romance, and relationships. Astrology readings that are done by a wise, experienced astrology reader can be rather useful when it comes to the complex affairs of the heart, emotions, and our heart’s desire, since such readings can reveal the deeper aspects involved in your situation, shed light on them, help you to make better decisions, and have your emotions clearer. This holds true both for singles, couples, people going through a breakup or divorce, and all types of relationships.
To go into details in an online reading might mean you’ll need more minutes and spend more money, but if you have found the right astrologer, you’ll feel that it’s worth it. You’d know this right away during the reading, even at the beginning, from the way your astrologer is answering your questions, and seeing things about you. The more difficult and complex your situation, the more attention it might need. Make sure to pick a top-rated reader before you begin to avoid any disappointments. Because you’ll be paying by the minute, you can stop the reading any moment, if you feel it’s not serving you.

Are all astrologers accurate?

Sometimes an astrologer might not be very specific or accurate. They might be new to their field and may not know how to connect all the dots – and astrology is very complex with many planets, movements, twelve houses, twelve signs, retrogrades, etc. That’s why we can’t stress the importance of choosing an astrologer who has many reviews already – shows experience delivering online readings – and has been rated highly.
Another reason you might not be getting a good reading is your state of mind. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth – imagine two astrologers already told you your ex is not coming back, yet you just keep on clicking on other astrologers with the hopes of finding one who’ll tell you he’ll come back. This clicking around, switching from reader to reader, not going deep enough will surely not be a satisfying experience. So your emotional openness to all future possibilities is a must. Try to be flexible in your thinking.
Exact dates and times can be challenging to predict. Most astrologers can give you a timeframe, a pretty accurate one at that, but don’t expect to hear the exact day and time of something happening. There are many variables involved in life, and astrologers are good at seeing where the river flows, how fast it flows, and the types of fish that are in it. But they might not know the exact minute a specific fish will pass by.

Different types of online astrology readings

Live astrology readings can be delivered through instant live chat (you see each letter as the psychic types it!), email, or phone call. It really is a personal choice how you go about it. Each astrologer has his or her own preference too, which they list on their profiles.

How does a live astrology reading work?

All you need is a computer, a tablet or a cell phone that’s connected to the internet. On your PC, you need a browser like Explorer or Chrome or any other, and on your mobile you can download the app for best results and convenience. Chatting on your mobile with the astrologer feels like chatting with a friend over Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger – except you see every letter that your reader types as he or she types it. It is real time for real. You can ask any question and your reader sees it right away with no delays.
Mobile chat is super convenient for people who need privacy. You could be commuting to work, or have a few spare minutes at the office but not want to use the office computer for an astrology reading. A lot of astrologers prefer the live chat too as it makes everything very easy – also clients can keep a record the chat transcript so there is no remembering what the reader said wrong. Anytime you can go back and check.

How does a phone reading work?

Sometimes you just want to hear someone’s voice. Or there are too many details to type. Or maybe you just don’t have the patience. All are good reasons to want to get a phone reading. Like chat, phone readings are charged by the minute. (take it from us – there are more offers and promotions for chat readings, and not as much for phone readings – something to think about for the long run).

How does an email reading work?

If you want a general reading and you are not in any rush, an email reading can serve you well. Email readings tend to be detailed but they are not super quick. They are also good when your astrologer resides in another time zone and you two are rarely ever online at the same time. Emails readings tend to be done at a set price and this price depends on the astrologer.
You’d be sending your astrologer your place of birth as well the date and the exact time – down to the minute. If you are not sure of the time, you can tell your astrologer and through a few questions, and they will be able to find out what time it was.
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of reading you get – email, chat, or phone. A gifted astrologer would be able to give you all the answers you need through any means. These communication channels are for you to find the most convenient option for yourself. As aforementioned, your astrologer might also have preferences – maybe they do just email readings or only chat readings, or all. Pay attention to the astrologer’s profile to find out.

The availability of online astrology readings

Getting a hold of the right online astrologer reader is extremely easy, especially these days where evolving technologies make our lives so convenient. You can have readings at home, on your mobile wherever you’re in the world and regardless of the time, or you can enjoy it on your tablet. You can make a phone call, write a thought-out email, or just start chatting.
One thing Kasamba does to give you power as the customer is to let clients write unedited reviews. While Kasamba has policies in place to filter psychics and astrologers, a few bad apples might have slipped in. After all, a deceitful person will do anything. That’s why you want to do your own homework – pay attention to the reviews and ratings, and use your 3 free minutes to get to know your astrology reader. Kasamba gives you three free minutes with every astrologer who’s new to you – three minutes is a long time actually when you chat. Start asking your questions and see if you and your astrologer click.
If not, close the chat window and move on to the next astrologer. The three-minute offer is given to you for you to be able to find the right reader. When you find the right reader, make sure you add him or her to your Favorites list.

All in all, astrology readings—whether they are delivered in person, over the phone, via live chat, or through any other medium—are a valuable divinatory system. No wonder astrology and astrology readings have been in place for millennia. No wonder the astrology system was explored by so many civilizations over the years, from Babylonians to the Chinese, leading to Western astrology, Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology and more. Most people in the West mean “western astrology” when they say astrology. But if you’re interested in exploring something new, feel free to try Chinese or Vedic astrology. The same applies – find a high-rated astrologer on Kasamba and off you go!

After you get your reading, do everyone else a favor and rate your reading. Got a few seconds or minutes? Write a review! You’ll be helping people like you who’re looking for good astrology readers. Positive or negative, just say everything you want to say in your review – Kasamba won’t edit it.
Enjoy your reading and remember, you’ll have a transcript to go back to and contemplate if you choose the chat or email option. It’s saved online in your Kasamba account and it’s printable if you’re the journal keeping type. Go ahead and get a life-changing reading. What are you waiting for!?

Meet the Best Astrologers Online

Now that you have a little more information about how to tell if an astrologer is genuine, and if an astrology website is real, you can go ahead and enjoy a horoscope or astrology reading. You will find every kind of astrology reading available on our site. We connect you to top astrologers across the world, for instant readings, night or day. So go ahead, it’s time to learn what’s written in the stars.

Here are some of the highest rated Kasamba astrologers, ready to give you detailed answers about your love life, career, social life, family, well-being, life purpose, and more!

65 of the top online psychic readers available for you. Choose yours!

We are all looking for them – the best astrologers or even the best of the best astrologer in the world. We look for them through books, friends, television shows. We search for them through search engines, sometimes for hours and hours, reading articles, joining chat rooms.

But you know, maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Sure we’d all like to get a reading from astrologers like Susan Miller, or if we could – from ancient astrologers who were so much better at what they did than most people today. Not because today’s astrologers aren’t knowledgeable or hardworking, but because back in the day the society held astrologers at high esteem and treated them like sacred people. They trusted their wisdom.

Today, with all this emphasis on so-called rationality and the deluge of all kinds of information on the internet, things have become blurry. No one knows who is who, who is objectively good or not, and which is promoting which person. It’s one big jungle – no wonder it takes hours, days, or even weeks to find what you are really looking for.

Even when you find websites that list the top people in a field, those websites get money from the people they are promoting. It’s all one big game. Click here, click there, and all these websites care about is what’s in our pockets.

The only way, in our opinion, to get around this is to find websites where the users – the real actual people who are directly getting the service, in this case astrology readings, are rating and reviewing them – without any editing or censoring by the website admins or service providers.


Finding accurate astrologers
What would you rather pay for – fame or accuracy? What are you really looking for? What if there’s an astrologer, somewhere out there, maybe not in your city, state, or even country, but he or she gives super amazing, detailed readings that move you? And help you. But they don’t have a name, and they don’t have a media company promoting them. Would you get a reading from them?

If your answer is yes, we’re thinking alike. Of course, some of the famous astrologers are amazing – but fame alone isn’t a guarantee of an awesome reading. Some astrologers have professionally done websites and blogs – but all that can be outsourced. There is no way we can know that they actually wrote everything that’s on their site.

Again, we believe the only way to know how good someone is, is to check what their previous clients say – uncensored, unedited, undeleted. If you see hundreds of good reviews and only a few bad ones, chances are the reader is genuinely good – and they were just having an off day when they gave those “bad” readings. They are human after all.

If there are very few ratings and reviews, it might be because the reader is new to online readings or maybe because they aren’t online much. Either way, read the reviews and see what people say. Some readers don’t like to work for hours every day – or they might have other jobs and tasks.

All that being said, it tends to be a very good sign if the reader has a lot of ratings and reviews and if they are positive. Do people take the time to write a review? Or do they just rate the reading and move on? When people take the time to write a review, that itself is a sign that something important happened during the reading – whether positive or negative.

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Finding the right astrologer for you
Let’s say you found an astrologer who seems like they know what they are doing and people love them. Now, check their online profile, platform, website – whatever it is they are using, to see if their expertise areas match what you’re looking for. If you need a career reading and they specialize in love readings, it might not be the best match. Bookmark the page for future use and move on.

If their expertise are and what you need right now match, great! But still, how do you know they are the right reader for you – there is their personality, and reading style and a host of other factors. It’s like, buying shoes is always better when you get to try them on. Or when you can test drive a car. How can you test your reader?

These days, many psychic websites and mobile apps give you the chance to talk to your psychic or astrologer before you start a paid reading. It’s an amazing way to get to know the reader, to talk to them, to see their style, and to decide whether you like them or not, whether you want to continue on to a paid session or not.

Some websites let you talk to different readers until you find the one you feel comfortable with. It’s a really nice way to go about finding the reader you need – not just in terms of expertise but also in terms of reading style and personal connection.

Some of these websites also let you pay by the minute, so if at any point you feel like the reading isn’t doing it for you, you can quit with one click. You don’t have to commit to a set amount of money beforehand, or make a time commitment. It’s pay as you go and gives you a chance to pay for only what you received.

If you are happy with your reader and the reading, make sure to review and rate your reader. This will help everyone else who’s looking for an accurate reader. Explain why the reading was good for you.

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What to do with your reading
You found an awesome reader, got a thought-provoking reading. Now what? If you’re on a website, see if they give you the option to record your session. If it was a chat session, there must a section in your account where you can access and read all your past readings. Get a printout just in case, or if you’re the type that journals, jot down the key takeaways in your notebook.

Go back to your chat transcript every few days or weeks to see how things are folding versus what your astrology reader said. It’s always very interesting to do this – again journal what’s unfolding and the wisdom your astrologer gave you.

Notice what’s happening during times like the Mercury Retrograde. It is always a good thing to get a new reading before each retrograde, as they affect the alignment of the planets and their influence on us. They affect every life area – sometimes all twelve houses in our natal chart.

You can ask your astrologer about these retrogrades, transits etc. during your reading to make sure you’re prepared for any upcoming shake-ups. A good astrologer would be able to tell you how you’ll be affected in different life areas.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your rising sign or moon sign, or even your exact time of birth. By asking several specific questions, an astrologer would be able to tell you all that, accurately and in detail.

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