Third Eye Chakra

Color : Indigo

The Third Eye Chakra, is the 6th chakra and is located between the eyes or brow area of the face. ( symbolized by the color indigo). This chakra is often known as the area of psychic insight and is extremely powerful. This chakra controls intuition, wisdom and our ability to make decisions.  Potential health concerns associate with this chakra are sight issues, migraines/ headaches, anxiousness and more. Emotional issues can also include clouded perception of reality , inability to make decisions, unable to trust ones own judgement and possible social behaviors.

Healing technique –

Sit down in a meditation position, legs crossed and back straight. Close your eyes and place your hands over the part of the body that the third eye chakra is located ( specifically over your eyes and forehead). Allow your hands to hover back and forth over this area and visualize a colorful indigo colored ball of energy to envelop this area, taking away clouded judgement and replacing it with great clarity, certainty, wisdom and intuition.  Breath in and out, continuing to visualize the energy circulating your third chakra and opening you up to peace and contentedness.

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