Crown Chakra

Color : violet –

The Crown Chakra, is the 7th chakra and is located at  the crown or top of the head region. It is associated with spirituality and our ability to be connected with it.  Being located the very top of the head, it represents the ability to transcend ones energy above our own structure ( body) and out into the universe.  Health issues associated with the crown chakra can include : migraine, stroke, brain tumors and stress. Psychological issues could include: depression and anxiety.

Healing technique –

Sit down in a meditation position, legs crossed and back straight. Close your eyes and place your hands over the part of the body that the crown chakra is located ( top of head.) Feel yourself connected to the universe by a pulsating violet light , that energizes you , connecting you intuitively with everyone around you and beyond. You connection transcends into space, by the warmth of this bright light , that also brings you clarity and contentedness.

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