Chakra Tarot Spread: Unblock Your Chakras

According to ancient Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism, we all have energy centers called chakras that influence the energy flow through our bodies. The flow of energy directly affects our mental state, our internal organs, and our nervous system. Each chakra is aligned with various ailments and mental and physical strengths you may have.

The 7 main chakra’s run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. If your psychic-energy centers or chakras are blocked, you can experience emotional and physical symptoms. With a chakra reading, you can balance the energy flow of your chakras. When you get a chakra tarot reading, your psychic will assess your chakras to establish where your energy is being blocked, or where it is in excess. They do this by using a Chakra tarot spread, an ancient traditional spread of the cards, where each position of the cards represents a chakra.

Your chakra tarot reader can interpret the cards and tell you what people, things, or emotions are influencing the energy through each chakra. With this information, you can work towards finding a balance of mind, soul, and body energy. A chakra reading is a good option if you’re seeking direction or are confused about your emotions. Or if you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, or always suffering from aches and pains.

You may have heard terms like chakra wisdom tarot, and oracle cards. Well, these are all part of the tools used in a chakra reading. Find out more about getting a chakra tarot reading online, and discover mental and physical balance by freeing up your chakra energy.

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