Root Chakra

Color : red

The root chakra, is the 1st chakra and is located at the base of your spine.  ( symbolized by the color red). The root chakra, is responsible for the legs, feet, bladder, kidneys to name a few. Health issues concerned with the root chakra can include, weight issues, diarrhea, lower back pain and poor circulation. Emotional issues connected with this chakra, are ones of survival, making money , food, shelter etc.  With this chakra, there is a longing for being grounded. Ways to create such grounding include the following :  Stomping up and down on the ground, or walking with your bare feet in the dirt, sand, grass can help.  You can also try the following technique:

Healing technique –

Sit down in a meditative position, legs crossed and back straight. Close your eyes and visualize the area of the body where the root chakra is located. Focus all of your energy to that section of your body and you may even want to place your hands there. As you do this, a great warmth envelops you. Imagine that this area of your body is a flower and that when it opens , it sends pulsating energy throughout the other various areas of your body. Think of this flower as the energy source and core of your being. It is strong and grounded, as you feel it connecting your base to the ground. Take a moment to feel the warmth of this electric energy charging through your body and give thanks to the universe for such grounding.

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