How to Find, Identify, and Nourish a Spiritual Love Connection

Experiencing a deep spiritual connection with someone isn’t something that happens to everyone, and when it happens, it doesn’t happen all that frequently either. It’s a special gift, a rare blessing of good luck, a unique divine touch from above, that makes our lives more meaningful, fulfilling, and interesting.

Such a connection makes us look forward to seeing, hearing, touching our beloved; and his or her presence makes everything so worthwhile. Even those difficult moments or challenging situations start to feel easier or even sweet only because we’re embraced by such a warm, profound, genuine, soulful bond. The relationship gives a magic touch to everything and we can only hope the magic continues.  

Because, like in all relationships, we’re personally responsible for keeping, feeding, and deepening this bond, while keeping in mind that it takes two to tango. There could be a great spiritual connection between man and woman, or same-sex partners, but if they don’t know how to maintain and nourish the bond, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might go to waste. Or if only one person knows and works for the relationship, but the other doesn’t, it just isn’t a good recipe, and it’s bound to fail at some point.

Before we explore how we can keep and strengthen such an amazing connection, let’s start with the basics – defining spiritual connections and laying out how to find or identify them.

What is a spiritual connection?

A spiritual connection can be between any two people – mother and her child, twin siblings, siblings, relatives, friends, or even coworkers or roommates, or a stranger you meet on the street whom you feel like you’ve known for a long time. In this article we focus on the spiritual connection between lovers, as this type tends to impact people the most – it happens in adulthood yet it has the potential to shake and change everything, including our very understanding of life and of ourselves.

Many psychics and spiritual advisors distinguish between true love soulmates and twin souls even though both are spiritual connections, and both are extremely powerful encounters one could ever have. Here’s the difference: true love soulmates are meant to be together despite difficulties and larger than life feelings! They have a much higher chance of making things work because they complement one another. As they say, opposites attract.

Twin souls, on the other hand, are believed to be two halves of the same soul. The soul has learned and grown a lot in past lives, and so in this life it has decided to split into two and allow the two new souls to start the process all over again. If these two halves meet on Earth, it’s an incredibly life-changing, and sometimes an earth-shattering event. But because their karma and future lessons are too similar, they might not always be able to find a way to get along. The mirroring becomes too much, and the experience might turn painful.

In this post, we focus on true love soulmates.


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3 HUGE Signs You’ve Found Your True Love Soulmate

Here are three big signs you’ve found your spiritual lover.

  1. Whether you’re together or apart, you feel like you’re always together. You wouldn’t be interested in anyone else, even if it’s a Hollywood star flirting with you big time. You can’t care less. You know very well who the one for you is, and it feels so right deep in your bones. There are no doubts about it neither in your mind nor in your heart or soul.
  2. You can sense how your soulmate is feeling even if you’re miles away. It doesn’t have to be a moment-to-moment of knowing what exactly is going on, but more like getting a gut feeling if something big is happening, or if something isn’t going well for them. It’s like there’s an invisible cord between you two that delivers information from you to them, and from them to you.
  3. Your togetherness isn’t one of convenience. Look around and you’ll see many couples who are together because they get along well, or life is easier when they share tasks. They might have the same interests, share the same political and social views etc., but they almost look like and feel like friends, not more. Your relationship is far from this – sometimes things are outright difficult, and you get pissed or sad or really jealous. It’s your strong bond that keeps you together – and not mere convenience.

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Strengthening Your Spiritual Connection

One in a million shot and you’ve found your special someone. You feel a deep spiritual connection, including a deep sex spiritual connection. How do you make sure it lasts?

While it is easier for true love soulmates to make things work, compared to twin soul relationships, there’s still work to do – and important work at that. First and foremost, devote time every day to connect with each other, even if it’s just fifteen minutes. You can talk about how your day was, but it’s much more important to explore what your day meant for you emotionally.

Even if it was a regular, easy day, what kinds of emotions have you felt? Was it a pleasure to have an easy day, or was it boring? And if it was a challenging day, why? How did you feel? Explore how you can be there for another on such days, whether it’s through more frequent communication throughout the day or taking action to remedy the situation.

Exploring feelings and sharing them with one another is an immensely deep practice. If you can feel comfortable enough to let your soulmate know how angry you are – simply by saying “I feel really angry” instead of screaming or punching pillows – you can deepen the bond between you. Honesty and openness will take your relationship further, and make the spiritual bond between you even deeper.

If you don’t know how you feel, you can always say, “I don’t know, I’m feeling disconnected from myself / from the situation / from you etc.” You can also say, “I’m not sure if I want to share how I feel because…” your reason for hiding your feelings, if delivered honestly, can also open new doors.

The idea is freely being imperfect and transparent. Not being perfect. It’s about being in the moment and feeling open enough to share feelings, even if it makes you feel vulnerable. The more vulnerable two people can be with each other, the deeper their bond will become.  

Our society has a tendency to favor the “good emotions, such as happiness, euphoria, contentment, gratitude etc. But our emotional vocabularies are much wider and include hatred, envy, grief, rage, boredom, disinterest, lethargy etc. Make sure you share all without withholding the “bad” emotions. In fact, the more you can share the “bad” ones, the deeper your bond will get.

Make sure to stay with the “bad” feeling for a few moments, in the presence of one another, without trying to change the feeling or move the moment forward. Just stay with one another while one of you is experiencing a challenging emotion. You don’t have to have answers – staying with the emotion – any emotion – is the biggest gift two people can experience together. It’s genuine, it’s nourishing to the soul, and it’s nourishing to your spiritual connection.

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