Throat Chakra

Color: Light blue

The Throat Chakra, is the 5th chakra and is located in the throat area of the neck. ( symbolized by the color blue). This chakra is associated with purification, self expression and as it is also located near the ears and mouth, fittingly communication . Health concerns with this chakra include, fatigue, headaches, thyroid issues, speech impediments, throat concerns and immune deficiency. Emotional issues with this chakra can include : blocked communication and self expression, anger, hate and bitterness.

Healing technique –

Sit down in a meditation position, legs crossed and back straight. Close your eyes and place your hands over the part of the body that the throat chakra is located. Focus on any emotional issues, or blocks that are coming up for you. Imagine and visualize a soothing blue light, enveloping this area and washing away any feelings of resentment and bitterness.. Let this blue light create an opening and fill you with openness, contentedness and strength.

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