Being a Psychic Empath: Benefits, Problems and Advice  

There is a big difference between being an empathetic person versus being a psychic empath. Empathy is the human ability to sense the feelings of other people and connect with them while they experience those feelings. It’s a conscious act, something many therapists, advisors, teachers, and healers do as they work with their clients. It’s something our friends do when we confide in them. Empathy allows for a stronger connection between people, and when there are frictions or arguments, empathy helps solve them faster and better.

Empathy is something people do actively. When we want to connect with another being, we make eye contact with that person (or animal), maybe hug or hold hands, and we allow ourselves to be moved by the internal experience of another person. We let the experience happen because we want it to happen. We truly want to be there for the other person.

Psychic empathy, on the other hand, happens more naturally, on its own, and mostly doesn’t require conscious intervention to happen. Psychic empathy is clairsentience i.e. clear feeling, the ability to feel into other people’s inner worlds effortlessly. We merge with the other in the energy level, move into them vibrationally, and pick up on what they are thinking and how they are feeling. It’s not something we do consciously; it’s very much automatic.

Types of Psychic Empaths

There are different types of psychic empaths. Regular people who just happen to be that way versus the ones who use this ability in their professions such as healers and psychic advisors.

And they are all different too. For example, there are emotional empaths, physical empaths (who feels the bodily sensations of others such as pain), animal empaths who can tune into the world of each animal (shamans learn to practice this), plant empaths, and geomantic empaths (those who connect with the environment naturally).

Most professional psychics naturally possess clairsentience and unlike most “ordinary” psychic empaths they know how to protect their energy fields either through experience or lessons from their teachers. Some of them have learned to turn it on or off, using it only during psychic or mediumship sessions.

In this article, we explore the issue from the perspective of those of us who are natural psychic empaths, who are not practicing psychics, and who don’t always know how to protect ourselves.

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Psychic Empath Traits

As psychic empaths, we are naturally sensitive people. We have deep emotions and we don’t run away from them. We know that this world and all its experiences evoke profound, different, and nuanced feelings in each person – we can understand all feelings and hold them without judgment.

We don’t have difficulty shedding tears when something is sad or laugh out loud when something is funny. We are very lively people, people whose energy is tuned in, tapped on, and very much alive. We are positive people – that is until we run into a really negative person and tune into their dark feeling world.

Most of us don’t know we are being psychically empathetic. It’s just how we are. We might be “sucking in” the negative feelings of others like a sponge, subconsciously assuming that this is helping the other person, because we can see that the other person is feeling better already.

But then we leave the scene exhausted, drained, and sometimes really negative. We have just absorbed problematic vibrations of another person, vibrations that don’t automatically disappear and now we don’t know what to with the way we are feeling. We don’t know how to dump it on another person. We are good at receiving bad energies and we don’t always know how to let the good energies in.  

We have empath psychic dreams. We dream about other people’s lives, what they are going through, and how they are feeling. Even in our dreams, we want to help others; we have this deep craving to be useful, supportive individuals.

the psychic empath test

Psychic empath test

Here are the three main traits of psychic empaths. If you find that all three apply to you, then you are definitely a psychic empath.

  1.     After you listen to people and comfort them, you feel like you carry the weight of their problems for a few days or even a week. With some people, it’s even worse. The more they confide in you, the more merged you feel with them. It’s as if their problems become yours to solve.
  2.     Crowds, whether indoors or outdoors, familiar or unfamiliar, overwhelm you. You feel like you can’t breathe, that you don’t have enough space. It feels like the energies of strangers are invading your space, not leaving your soul any room.
  3.     You are the type of person who walks into a room and senses if something is off. You know if a fight or an argument was underway. You just sense it in the air.

If these all sound very familiar, then you are certainly a psychic empath. Welcome to the club!

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How to control psychic empathy

When we study the psychic empath development, we see that many of us learned to be this way when we were children. We tried very hard to understand adults, so we tuned into them. We wanted to connect with adults because we knew we depended on them. Those of us with difficult childhoods tried even harder to form these connections, either to protect ourselves or to make sure we would get what we needed.

Habits don’t just go away as we grow. In a world where there are all kinds of problems, from war to hunger, unemployment, violence, and emotional abuse, our clairvoyant empath intuitive abilities helped us to protect ourselves. Other people probably even envied our “power.” Our toxic person radar is just always on.

But even when we sense someone is mean to us or draining us, we don’t always know how to set boundaries. This is our biggest problem. We think we must sacrifice ourselves to be useful. That unless we go to great lengths to help, what we are offering is not help. We have this crazy idea that unless we are depleted, we haven’t helped.

You know how on airplanes they say, “put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before your child”? That announcement is for people like us. We are so ready to sacrifice ourselves, all in the name of our relationships.

Three things can help solve this problem. Grounding, boundaries, and feeling a strong sense of self-worth. Grounding can be achieved via physical exercise, yoga, and meditation – but meditations that focus on the body, that teach you how to feel your feet and connect with your body. If a meditation technique is making you go into astral travel or to some fantasy world, then it’s not going to help you ground yourself.

types of psychic empaths

Having strong boundaries is number two. Practice saying no. Practice taking up more space, on the metro, bus, in your office etc., without encroaching on someone else’s space, of course. When you sit, claim your space. When you stand and walk, imagine a golden egg-shaped container around you. Imagine having a golden square if you want an even stronger boundary statement.

Self-worth is just as important as the first two. Why should your energy field be the garbage land of other people? Do you feel that otherwise people won’t love you or respect you? You are going to great lengths, including self-sabotage, all to be able to help, and chances are the people who take advantage of you don’t feel any appreciation. If anything, they feel entitled to your time and space. They don’t know how to be grateful.

Cultivate a deep sense of self-worth by giving your own time and space the value it deserves. You don’t have to be the on-demand help resource of others. You can choose not to help! Yes, it’s a choice. It doesn’t mean you are being a bad person. Being a human being means having limits – for example, a person might be able to save one puppy, or three puppies, or five if they have a huge house and the financial resources. But they can’t save all the puppies in the world. There is a limit to what they can do. And this limit has to be respected both for his sake and for the sake of the puppies!

Working with a psychic advisor

To find balance, to cultivate healthy spiritual connections, and to discover who’s draining you, how and why, you can always work with a psychic advisor. Most psychic advisors work with the clair-senses; they are masters of turning in, so they’ll know what you are talking about. And they can teach you other techniques to protect yourself. They can also reveal details about those people who are stealing your energy! Such details might help you move forward and create better boundaries.

To make sure to select a psychic who can help you, make sure to review your prospective psychic advisor’s profile. Some of them specialize in this type of work. You can also use your free minutes to connect with them and ask them if they can help you with your specific situation.

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