How Can Crystal Ball Readings Help You Decide?

When you’re looking to find some guidance about your future, and maybe get some help on some of life’s tricky questions, many people turn to crystal ball readers. The crystal ball has been a symbol of the mystic since the middle ages, and is a popular way to glimpse the future. 

Using a crystal ball is a powerful way for mystics to glimpse moments of your future life history, which might have a big bearing on your choices. But how can crystal ball readings help you decide, and what should you expect from a crystal ball reading?

What is a crystal ball reading and how does it work?

By gazing into a crystal ball, your psychic or mystic will be able to go into a meditative state and see moments of your life. Although it’s commonly assumed that crystal ball readings look into the future, they can in fact look at any moment from your life including the past and present. 

This popular practice has been around in many cultures since the dawn of history, including Celtic druids, Egyptian mystics and Chinese fortune tellers. In fact, before the advent of crystal balls, any reflective surface could be used, such as water, oil or mirrors. 

Today crystal ball reading, also known as crystallomancy, is a fascinating way to explore your life choices and ask questions about what to do. 

Who does a crystal ball reading?

Your crystal ball reading will be done by a psychic or clairvoyant. This is usually someone who has discovered they have the gift of clairvoyance and has trained to channel their powers. 

Crystal ball readers are also often skilled in other psychic disciplines, including tarot reading, numerology, palm reading, aura reading and horoscope or astrology readings. With their highly tuned spiritual sense, they will understand how to read and interpret your signs and answer your questions accurately.

What to expect from a crystal ball reading?

During a face to face crystal ball reading, your psychic often responds to a question that you have asked specifically. They may not come back with an answer straight away, instead telling you what they see and asking you if this has an relevance in your life.

Using their spiritual senses, they will access a trance-like state. The images might not immediately make sense, and they might not be specific moments, like a scene from a movie. Instead, it could be a symbol, an image frozen in time or something less clear.

Your crystal ball reader will likely tell you what they are seeing as they go along, so it might be that your answer becomes clearer the longer you interact. Of course, you are free to ask additional questions to verify what the crystal ball reading is finding as you go.

How to prepare for a reading?

Like all spiritual sessions, it’s a good idea to take a moment to relax and clear any anxieties from your mind. Before starting a crystal ball reading, it’s highly advisable to take some moments to meditate. If meditation isn’t possible, for whatever reason, a few deep breaths and centering your thoughts will be just as good.

Ideally, you want to be relaxed and open minded. Some people like to enjoy a glass of wine, or something to drink, before starting a psychic reading, perhaps to help them feel more relaxed. However, most psychics suggest not being overly intoxicated from drink or drugs before you start your psychic reading.

What are the best types of questions to ask at a crystal ball reading?

You probably have a lot of questions, and there is no doubt many more will come up as your reading progresses. 

Asking yes or no questions is fine. For example, questions such as:

  • Should I take this job?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Is my partner the true one for me?
  • Should I go through with this decision I’ve made?
  • Will I be able to provide for my family if I start my new business?

Beyond yes or no questions, open ended questions can also yield some interesting responses. These can be great for some surprising answers,  especially if you’re looking for guidance in your life.

  • How can I find love?
  • What can I do to further my career?
  • Where will I be in 2 years time?
  • What can you see regarding my health in the future?
  • Tell me what I should do to improve my current situation in life/work/love.


If you’re considering a crystal ball reading, it’s a great way to find some answers to those tricky questions you might have. A face to face reading is good, but today you can find excellent psychics online who can do an accurate crystal ball reading online.

Need to make a tough decision? Or perhaps you just need some clarity at a difficult time? Choose our expert crystal ball readers and you’ll find the answers that can help you decide what to do next.

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