The Lovers Tarot Card

When a tarot card is selected or placed on the table, it can appear upright or upside-down-reversed. The orientation of the card changes the meaning significantly. You might be surprised to learn that the Lovers card does not necessarily have anything to do with love, relationships, or romance. This tarot card is connected with decision-making, being at a crossroads in your life, balance, choices, and the thin line between opposites. Remember that tarot cards can be interpreted in many ways, and to truly understand the significance of the reversed Lovers card, you need to speak to one of our professional psychic tarot card readers.

The Upright Lovers

When the Lovers card appears upright, it means attachment, partnership, relationships, union, or conflicting choices. It is not always associated with love. Just like in life, love is not straightforward! If you receive the Lovers card in the upright position it can mean that you have an important choice to make. The correct decision will have a positive outcome. If the Lovers appears in a position related to your past it represents a recent emotional burden that will soon be lifted or a conflict resolved. You need to tune into your own emotions and be willing to connect with others. If the Lovers appears in an upright position in a place related to your present then there is an approaching conflict that will test you. You are going to have to assess your priorities, and choose between equally important paths such as love and your career. If the Lovers appear upright in a position related to your future then you should remember opposites are two sides of the same coin, and they go hand-in-hand. You need to accept yourself and others to make the right choices. The upright Lovers can also appear in a one-card reading when a yes/no answer is required. Here the Lovers tarot card is symbolic of a relationship, love, unity, or a partnership, either in love or business. If you’re looking for a yes/no answer, the Lovers is a YES! Remember, you need a professional tarot psychic to tell you which interpretation applies to you personally. Talk to one of our tarot readers about the significance of the upright Lovers in your life.

What do the Upright Lovers Mean for your Lovelife, Career, and Finance?

For your love life, the upright Lovers mean balance, a supportive relationship, and choices in love. For finance, the upright Lovers refers to making mutually exclusive financial choices. For your career, the upright Lovers refers to a business partnership, career choices, or a romance in the workplace.

What do the Reversed Lovers Mean for your Lovelife, Career, and Finances?

For your love life, the reversed Lovers mean a cold detached partnership, or that you have too many potential lovers. It can also refer to an imbalance in the relationship. The reversed Lovers relate to your career indicating a conflict at work, trouble with colleagues, or an office romance gone wrong. If you get the reversed Lovers in a reading related to your finances this can mean you’ve made impulsive financial choices, or have been irresponsible with your money.

The Reversed Lovers Tarot Card

If you’re getting a tarot card reading and the Lovers card appears in the reversed position, it can indicate an inner or outer conflict. There can be disharmony in your daily life that could be putting strain on your relationships. The reversed Lovers tells you to take a time out and examine your personal values, self-esteem, and relationships to see that they are aligned with who you want to be and what you want in your life. The reversed Lovers could mean that you have been avoiding responsibility, or avoiding making a decision. You need to let go of the past and make better decisions going forward. When you discuss the reversed Lovers with your psychic reader they may interpret the card as a break in communication or an imbalance between you and your partner. It all depends on your personal circumstances, the energy picked up by the psychic, and the messages conveyed from the spirit world to you, via your psychic.

Reversed Lovers – Love: Coldness, imbalance, a dead-end relationship, unresolved issues, fear of commitment.

Reversed Lovers – Career: Conflicts at work, disagreements with colleagues,  imbalance in work distribution in the office, office romance gone wrong, 

Reversed Lovers – Finance: Impulsive financial choices, long-term finances in danger, precarious financial security.

Are you a Lover or a Lover Reversed?

The Lovers reversed could mean loss of balance, disharmony, conflict at work, bad financial decisions, fear of commitment, or something wrong with your relationship. Do you want to know which one of the interpretations of the reversed Lovers applies to you? You can find out if the reversed Lovers relates to your love life, career, or finances by talking to one of our psychics. They will interpret the reversed Lovers card to see how it relates specifically to you and your situation. Find out what the Lovers reversed means for you.

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