Get Financial Advice with a Money Tarot Reading

Tarot readings can shed light on many areas of your life including your finances. With a financial tarot reading, you can gain insight into past financial mistakes, get advice about your present financial situation, and learn about the financial opportunities and challenges you may face in the future. Get help rising above your financial troubles, and strengthening your investments, income, or day-to-day money matters. With this information, you can take advantage of situations, and learn how to carefully prevent and resolve money difficulties. Unlike an astrology reading about your financial standing, the cards in a wealth tarot spread may not indicate the same result. This depends on your level of concentration when you select the card, and on the area of your life or your personality that the card represents. It also has a lot to do with the type of tarot card spread used.

How to Do a Money Tarot Reading

There are dozens of different financial tarot card spreads with a variety of arrangements on the table, number of cards, and interpretations. Among our list of expert financial tarot advisers, you’ll find psychics and tarot card readers that favor specific tarot spreads. Put your trust in them and they will give you the best money advice for your needs using an appropriate spread. There are complicated money spreads that address specific topics such as mortgages, investments, and credit card debt. But most tarot readings start with a general overview of your financial situation to help you get an understanding of your money-related issues.

One-Card Money Tarot – This is the simplest of the tarot readings and gives you only a small glimpse into your present financial situation, and prospects. To do an online one-card financial reading, take a few moments to empty your mind, breath deeply, and concentrate on the particular question you would like the tarot cards to answer. When you are relaxed, and fully focused on the money issue you’d like to address, pick a card from the fan of cards displayed on your computer or mobile screen. In the next screen, you’ll see the card you have selected and a brief explanation of its symbolism and meaning. 

Three-Card Financial Tarot Reading – The three-card reading is similar to the one-card tarot reading, except this time you choose three cards and get a deeper look into your money matters. The three cards represent your financial challenge; financial strengths, and where you will find opportunities or what you should be looking for. There are different three-card spreads for finance including one that looks at your money mindset, who can help you, and where you should focus. Another three-card spread concentrates on spending.

Financial 4-Card Tarot Reading – This money spread gives clear, straight answers. The four cards represent the main cause of your financial difficulties; actions you need to take immediately; the obstacles in your way, and where you will find help. This is a great choice for people who are tired of financial struggles and are ready to make a change. 

5-Card Money Tarot Spread – With this spread you’ll get insights into your finances, money, debt, and path to personal financial security. Your tarot reader will ask you to choose five cards and then they will place them in a particular pattern on the table. The first card is associated with your financial basis and relationship with money; the 2nd card addresses your immediate future finances and influences, and the 3rd card looks at your financial opportunities, whether you are ignoring something or being prevented from taking advantage of an opportunity. The 4th card tells you how to move forward financially, and the 5th tarot card is associated with your future finances.

6-Card Money Spread – As mentioned there are many different readings for various money spreads. One of the possible readings of a 6-card financial tarot spread is to unblock your financial flows. The 6-card money blocks tarot reading looks at your current beliefs about money; current money blocks; how the blocks started; the best way to challenge these obstacles; the likely outcome of challenging these obstacles, and the first/best/ or most practical step you could make in the direction of a financially secure future.

7-Card Financial Success Tarot Spread – This spread examines your relationship with money and looks at how you can improve it. The cards are used to describe your financial situation; discover why you are under financial stress; what you need to learn about money; what you can change in the way you handle money, and how to improve your money relationship. The last card takes a look at something positive in your life that is already abundant. 

Do Money Tarot Readings Work?

It is important to understand that tarot cards cannot magically make your money troubles go away. The cards can’t change the reality of credit card debt or your minus in the bank. However, our behavior and personality get us into financial binds and tarot cards may be able to give us insights into how and why we are making financial mistakes. A money tarot reading could give you an understanding of your relationship with money, and offer an opportunity for self-reflection. Wealth readings are a tool for gaining better financial awareness which can have a remarkable impact on how we relate to money. An online money tarot consultation could give you ideas that you may not have thought of, or bring you to a realization that had been eluding you. Your finances can be improved by you, using tarot insights.

Make a Change Today, with a Money Tarot Reading

A wealth tarot reading is not going to tell you where to invest or give you exact figures of how much to spend. But a money tarot card reading can lay before you the positive and negative outcomes of particular financial moves and give you insights into the best path to follow. This will enable you to make informed decisions about your finances. Get solutions to your financial worries, and gain insight into money matters. We list only verified tarot readers who can deliver accurate readings. If you take a look at their online profiles you’ll see their specialty. Some of our tarot readers deal with all aspects of life, while others may specialize in finance. Get your reading now and let the cards guide you to financial security and stability. Unravel the financial issues that are bothering you and find solutions for them with a wealth tarot reading.

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