What do Tarot Cards Do?

The cards can tell you how your soul moves through life, the difficulties you will face and how to handle them. When you have an online tarot reading with one of our professional psychics, you can ask any questions you want, but it is best to focus on one issue or question. Here are some examples of the top questions tarot readers are asked, and how tarots answer.

Tarot to Find Lost Item

Tarot cards are great for solving problems, and answering questions, even a question like “where are my keys” or “where did my cat go”. When you have an online reading with one of the psychic tarots on our website, you can tell them your purpose, and they will adapt the reading to suit you. So if you’re trying to find a lost item with tarot cards, focus on the item when you select the cards. One of the spreads used to find things is a five-card spread laid out in two rows, with three cards in the top row and two in the bottom row. The first card addresses where the lost item is; the second card is used to get information about the colors surrounding the article. What colors are in the same location as your lost item? The third card focuses on the card’s symbols to describe the location of the thing you lost. The tarot reader uses the fourth card to suggest an action you can take to help find your property. And the tarot reader will interpret the fifth card to tell you something you need to be mindful of when looking for the lost item.

Tarot to Make a Decision

If you’re battling to make an important decision, it can be helpful to consult with an online tarot reader. Get clarification and find out why you’re hesitating over this decision so that you identify the root of the indecision. One of the popular tarot spreads for making decisions has five cards. The cards see the decision-making process as part of a larger picture. This decision spread covers your motivation (what affects how you make the decision); the ideal outcome, and your values (and how they affect the decision). Card four shows you what will happen if you choose option A, and the fifth card shows you what will happen if you choose option B. You’ll have a detailed discussion with your tarot reader, and gain insight into how and why you are deliberating over this decision. The rest is up to you.

Tarot Will I Find Love?

The number one reason people consult with online tarot readers is to solve issues of the heart. A relationship tarot reading or a love tarot reading will shed light on your relationship, marriage, or single life. There are so many tarot spreads for love that your mystic or psychic tarot reader will have lots of options to choose from. Among the many questions you can ask a tarot reader about love are:

  • Tarot is he/she the One
  • Can I trust him/her
  • Is he/she cheating
  • Tarot who is my soulmate
  • Tarot who loves me
  • Tarot will we be together
  • Tarot will he call me
  • Tarot will he marry me
  • Why haven’t I found love
  • What can I do to meet Mr. Right

There is a 10-card love spread which covers why you haven’t found love, how to overcome obstacles preventing you from finding love, what you can change in order to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, how you can recognize your soulmate when you will find them, what will be your first impression of him/her, and what will be your common bond. You’ll also get guidance, tips, and wisdom for the future. Don’t hesitate to find love today!

Tarot What Card Are You – Find your Personal Tarot Card with Numerology

There is a close relationship between tarot and numerology, which is a field focused on the mystical relationship between numbers, letters, ideas, and events. The 22 Major Arcana tarot cards are numbered and by using tarot numerology you can calculate your personal tarot cards. Your personal tarot cards tell you about opportunities that will present themselves, obstacles you need to overcome, your character traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Most of all, your birth cards tell you the things about you that will remain constant from birth to death. There are several ways to calculate your personal tarot card using numerology. Depending which method you use to calculate your birth card, you could have one or two birth cards. If you have two, then it means your personality encompasses these two energies. When you have an online tarot reading ask your mystic to find your personality cards.

  • Birth Card – Add up the digits of your birth date. If you get a number higher than 21, add the digits together to get a single digit. That is your tarot birth card. For example, if your birth date is September 29, 1966, you would calculate: 2+9+0+9+1+9+6+6=42, then add the two digits 4+2=6, and your tarot card will be number 6 – The Lovers. If your final number has two digits, add them together and you have your second birth card. For example, September 19, 1990, would be 1+9+0+9+1+9+9+0=38 then 3+8=11, so your first primary birth card would be Justice (11). To find the second birth number you would add 1+1=2, and your second tarot birth card would be The High Priestess.
  • Tarot for Sex

The cards can help you heat things up in the bedroom, awaken your sensuality, and ignite a fire between you and your lover. No matter what aspect of your sex life you want to improve, a tarot reading can help. You’ll get more creative in bed, find out how to feel more desire, and get advice on how to focus on your partner’s needs as well. Like with other tarot topics, there are many different card spreads that your psychic tarot reader could use to help improve your sex life. Connect with one of our online tarot readers, tell them what subject you’d like to get insights about, then concentrate on your particular issues and questions related to sex, and intimacy.

In a sex tarot reading your psychic tarot reader could use a four-card spread. Card one, answers questions about how you can feel more comfortable in bed, and the intimate situations that make you most uncomfortable. With card two your online tarot reader will discuss what you can do to feel more confident and at ease with your partner. With card three you’ll look at your in-built beliefs about sex that might be holding you back. Card four looks at the bigger picture. How can you feel sexier in everyday life with the help of tarot cards? With a sex tarot reading, you can ask the mystic anything you want. Feel free to discuss your intimate secrets, as our website is safe, and our tarot readers have all been verified as trustworthy professionals. You can even have an anonymous online tarot reading!

What Do You Want the Tarot Cards to Tell you?

These are only a few of the things a tarot reading can tell you. You can ask one of our mystic tarot readers anything you want to. It is important to focus on the subject, issue, or question you have when you select cards in a reading. Our psychic tarot readers will be able to help you with whatever issue or problem you have. But ultimately, you will be the one who decides which path to follow and if you take the tarot reader’s advice.

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