Everything You Need to Know About Clairvoyants and More

Clairvoyants are psychics who receive intuitive information and insights visually. They see images in their mind’s eye, like on a mental movie screen, interpret what they see, and convey their visions and understandings to their clients. A lot of time, clairvoyants hear voices or feel emotions that accompany the images, which help them with their predictions more easily.

When we go into the details of this process, we see that clairvoyants do much more than just see random images. If you’re looking for thorough information on clairvoyants and clairvoyance, you are at the right place – we’ll now explore everything that’s related to this psychic process called clairvoyance.

So, how do clairvoyants do it?

First of all, while clairvoyance can be developed via techniques, meditation, and a long psychic training, more often than not clairvoyants already have a visually-oriented psychic ability from birth. When they enter a place, they may see events that took place there. When they meet a new person, or someone they know, they may see things about that person – from their past, or things that will happen to them in the future. They can watch in their mind’s eye where your relationship is going. Their dreams tend to be vivid and tend to bring messages from the future. They are just naturally, automatically visually tuned-in in all levels of consciousness.

In Eastern traditions such as yoga and tantra, this visual ability, clairvoyance, is believed to have to do with the third eye. This eye is an internal eye, located between our two eyebrows on our forehead, above our physical eye level. It is also known as the sixth chakra, and many believe that this visual information center can be stimulated by self-massage, by using your own fingers to press and stimulate the third eye point. Such touch helps bring your soul’s focus the area, and empower the chakra right underneath it with better visual powers.

In natural-born clairvoyants, this area is naturally stimulated and working. It works and gives them extrasensory information even when they are not doing a psychic reading. They could be watching television or doing the laundry and suddenly have visions. The dreams that bring them visions and future messages have a different quality to them, and clairvoyants naturally understand that these are psychic dreams.

So where can you find such talented clairvoyants?

 How can you know that they are real, natural-born clairvoyants? You can look for one in your town or city, but it’d probably be much faster to do it online. But online, how can you know that the website is trustable – after all, you’ll be giving them your personal and payment information – and how can you know that the listed clairvoyant(s) are good?

Without further ado, here’s where to find online clairvoyants. First of all, use the most reputed, best known online psychic platforms – web or mobile app. This way, you guarantee that your personal and payment info is safe. And you also have reliable ways to determine who your clairvoyant should be. For example, good psychic websites let you sort psychics by ranking – and who ranks them? The clients! So the rankings on any good, transparent websites are created by using the ratings and reviews submitted by people like you. This should help select someone good.

Take a look at the reviews (written by clients) and select someone based on these, plus your instinct. Most reputed websites give 3 free minutes with each psychic, medium, or clairvoyant who’s new to you. Use this time to get to know your clairvoyant, to make sure they are right for you. You can begin to ask your questions as well. Continue to a paid session if you like your clairvoyant and their reading style.

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BONUS: Tips to develop your own clairvoyance

Do you wish you were a bit more psychic? Maybe see into situations better? Or get visions about the future? If you aren’t a natural-born clairvoyant, it won’t be easy to develop this talent, but it is doable.

Did you know that what sets natural-born clairvoyants and others apart is the former’s ability to trust their intuitions and visions? If you’re like most people, even when you have a vision, you dismiss it, because you fear the unknown. If you were to see a spirit right in front of you right now, chances are you would lose your grounding, feel exited, stressed or worried, and maybe you’d even flee the room. Clairvoyants don’t do that.

Clairvoyants have the soulful capacity to handle “supernatural” events, because they accept their normalcy. For them, these things are natural. It’s like doing the laundry to have clean clothes, or unlocking the door to get in. It’s no magic. They realize that there are hundreds of ways of getting information in this universe, and their trust makes them a good receiver of such insights. They don’t doubt themselves or their abilities.

Most people doubt the validity of such experiences when they have them. Or, they exaggerate them. They make a big deal out of having a vision and seeing the future. People react this way because our society has taught us to view such phenomena with fear or suspicion. We’ve been trained this way.

It takes time and an open heart to be able to fully trust one’s own ability to see visions and spirits clearly. Especially if this is new territory for you, simply begin by developing a trust and watch things unfold, without trying to understand everything at once. Don’t try to control what you see. Don’t try to interpret what you see either. Give seeing ample space; don’t stifle it with meanings. This is the best first step you can take to develop some clairvoyance.

As we mentioned above, massaging the third eye area is a well-known practice. You can do this a few minutes a day to stimulate the area, but if you find that you have even 1% fear of seeing things, you might not be ready. Do this only when you can really trust the universe.

Another thing that’s extremely important is your grounding during this time – make sure you’re feeling your feet, the ground under it, and that you’re firmly present in the here and now. If not, the visions you see might be misleading. You have to be a powerful part of this world if you want to receive information from higher worlds.

Our last tip would be to work with clairvoyants. Get sessions and see what kinds of information they deliver. Just observe without judgment. See what kinds of questions they answer and how. You can also ask them if they practice a certain meditation method or any other technique. Go ahead, talk to an online clairvoyant now! And while you’re at it, make sure to get a thorough reading.

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