The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician card is the second of the Major Arcana tarot cards. The card bears the number 1 and symbolizes new opportunities, the power within each of us, and the power of self. He makes a connection between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. He uses this connection to manifest his goals in the physical universe. The Magician is associated with communication, intelligence, self-confidence, and the ability to put thoughts into action. The Magician is pragmatic, practical, and relates to the physical aspects of your life rather than the cerebral or spiritual. If the Magician appears in your tarot reading, it can relate to your success in upcoming endeavors, business, or politics. But this success lies firmly on your shoulders and will require your strength, and determination. Remember that when tarot cards are laid out in a reading, they can land facing you, or upside-down. Their orientation changes the card’s meaning. In an upright position, the Magician is a positive symbol of resourcefulness, inspired action, manifestation in the physical world, and power. When the Magician appears upside-down or reversed, he symbolizes poor planning, manipulation, and unused skills.

The Reversed Magician

When the Magician is laid out in a spread in the reverse position, it shows that you are exploring your options but you have not yet put your plans into action. If you receive the reverse Magician, you may be uncertain about how to make your plans happen. However, if you care for the things you have, and nurture your plan, it will eventually work out and be implemented. The reversed Magician warns you to stay tuned into your instincts, and pay attention to opportunities that may arise.  If you are already putting your plans into action the Magician may represent your struggles and that you may have lost sight of the goal. It is telling you to take stock, and realign your goals. In some instances, the reverse Magician card can symbolize greed, trickery, and manipulation. When it comes to career-related tarot readings the Magician card can show you that you are not taking advantage of your full potential.

The Upright Magician in the Past

If the Magician card appears in a tarot reading, in a position related to the past, this can be interpreted to mean that you have made your past creative ideas and dreams a reality. Your intelligence, confidence, and skillful application of ideas have brought your success. 

The Upright Magician in the Present

If the Magician card appears in a tarot reading in a position related to the present, you need to use your knowledge and skills to influence changes that are occurring in your life or the lives of people around you. Your unique practical approach and can-do attitude are needed.

The Upright Magician in the Future

If the Magician card appears in a tarot reading in a position related to the future, then what lies ahead is uncertain. The future may involve risks as well as opportunities. Your opportunities will be influenced by your relationship with those closest to you and the friendships you have formed. Creative success, a win, or a new beginning awaits you. 

The Magician as a Daily Tarot Card or a One-Card Reading

You might receive the Magician card while getting a one-card reading, where you pick a single card while meditating on a question or problem. A daily one-card reading usually relates to a yes or no question. If you get the Magician during a one-card reading tarot card, the Magician symbolizes the power and action you take in your life. The card bears positive connotations and is associated with someone good at talking to everyone, a communicator, or a smooth talker. As a single card, the Magician card encourages you to use your strong willpower to take action. If you simply want a yes or no, then the Magician card is a YES!

Is the Magician in your Cards?

The image on a Magician card says it all. It usually depicts a man standing with an arm raised, and the other pointing to the ground. He wears a white robe symbolizing purity and a red cloak representing worldly knowledge and experience. He has mastered the sword, cup, wand, and pentacle of the tarot cards, which represent earth, water, air, and fire. These symbols can appear on the Magician card and represent the tools he has at his disposal to manifest his intentions. His unlimited potential is symbolized by the infinity sign above his head, and the snake biting its own tail around his waist. The power of creation flows through him, bringing the spiritual or cerebral into the physical world. You could say, the Magician makes dreams come true or puts words into action. 

The Magician card warns us to be aware, to watch what we bring into our lives and what we give to others. Decide what you want and take action. We need to channel our energy into worthwhile endeavors. As with all tarot cards, it is important to remember that the symbols, images, and associations relating to the Magician card mean nothing without a skilled tarot card reader to interpret how the card relates to you personally. By connecting with you and the spirit world a professional psychic tarot reader can use the symbols of the Magician to guide you. If you want to know if the Magician relates to your life, get an online tarot reading today.

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