How to Use Color Therapy for Self-Healing

Ever wondered just how color therapy works and whether it’s something you can do on your own, without supervision? The good news is, once you understand how and why color therapy works, color therapy techniques are very simple to understand, apply, and master all on your own whenever and wherever you want.

What’s color therapy?

Color therapy is a form of influencing the mood by exposing the person to different colors. Colors are nothing but vibrations that get translated by the eyes in a certain way. Emotions emit vibrations too, so do our thoughts. What color therapy does is find the equilibrium between what you need mentally and emotionally, and use colors to achieve changes, like finetuning, to impact your mood, to bring you a desired mental or emotional state.

Color Therapy is a good way to feel better but for people struggling with serious issues, it can’t replace traditional healing methods such as psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment. So, color therapy is good for people who already lead functional lives and are generally balanced in life. (Shush those inner voices that are judging you and the way you lead your life right now – being functional doesn’t mean being perfect!)

We all have room to grow when it comes to our health, finances, emotional world, social relations, our main relationship, the way we connect with family and friends, our career, job choice etc. Colors can help us feel more confident, energetic, open, calm, relaxed, and a variety of other feeling states, depending on the color we use. Let’s now review how it works and which color does what.

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How to use color therapy for healing

To use colors for mood therapy is very easy indeed. Colors are everywhere and you don’t need to own or buy the most expensive stones to have certain colors in your life. Every single thing emits a color and so color therapy becomes easy as basically any item can become a tool we can use. We just need to be more aware and willing to find creative ways to bring our desired colors into our lives.

For example, you can paint a water bottle in your desired color and drink your water from it for days or weeks – it’s a cheap way to create the effect. You can use markers, watercolor or gouache. You can also just get a scarf – always a practical way to have a new color in your wardrobe, something very wearable unless you live in a place where it’s summer all year long.

To learn how to do color therapy, all you need is a color therapy chart – and once you master the effects of each color, you won’t even need this chart. You ill know everything intuitively.

Here’s a short list for your convenience – use it to create your own chart at home.

Black – a wonderful color to wear or have around when you are doing inner work and you don’t feel like sharing it with the people around you. Black protects the vulnerable psyche from unwanted attention and comments.

Brown – a great color for feeling one with the earth, calming down, grounding into your own body, embodiment, feeling connected to Mother Earth, and being approachable, looking friendly to other people.

Red – a potent color for when you want to feel your own right to exist, right to take up space, and truly be here, be a welcome part of this world. Red can be associated with sexual urges too, but it tends to be about the existence of the energy itself, and not necessarily about connecting with another person.

Pink – a color that helps soften the emotional defense mechanisms so that you can connect with others through kinder words, gentler touch, friendlier eye contact, and an overall more tender way of engagement. Pink helps open the heart to other people.

Orange – just the color you need when you want to feel more energized, make your sexuality happier, freer and jollier, and socialize with people with more zest and openness. It’s also a good color to get rid of self-judgments and negative voices in your head that tend to be against you. (Click here for aura color orange).

Yellow – A beautiful color for setting strong solid boundaries while inviting and letting in friendly influences. Helps you to individuate further, tap into your own soul purpose and goals while staying connected to the greater whole. (Click here for aura color yellow).

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Green – a soothing color for the eyes, emotions, and your heart. Healers wear green a lot, as it attracts healing energies and gives our psyches the warm energetic embrace it needs. It helps us reach out to others for help without shame, and help others without being patronizing. It creates a balanced, loving give-and-take balance. (Click here for aura color green).

Blue – the perfect color to help create genuine self-expression. It’s a calming color and it also helps you to be yourself without attracting any negative reactions from others. It gives you the energetic space to be who you are and lets others know that who you are is all about you, and isn’t a statement about them. (Click here for aura color blue).

Turquoise – similar to blue, turquoise is about self-expression, but it’s more specific and fine-tuned than that. Turquoise helps you find self-expression through your vocation, career, or job. It helps you find meaning through your work.

Purple – a thoroughly spiritual color, purple helps you to feel more connected to the mystic, psychic aspects of life including spirits, deceased loved ones, angels. It’s a good color to have around when you meditate, do or receive a psychic reading, or to sleep – to help our dreams be more connected to our highest spiritual good.

White – a color that contains the entire light/color spectrum – as such it contains all the powers of all the color above. It’s a good color to create purity of thought and intention, and find clarity in our life.

How to find the right color for you

Not sure which color is right for you? Most of the time, most of us just feel drawn to a certain color, and sometimes very strongly so. If that’s the case, rest assured, you are drawn to that color for a reason. It’s not a random coincidence. Go with your instinct and bring more of that color into your life whether by buying new clothes, painting the walls (or a water bottle like we mentioned before), creating new paintings, changing your desktop, tablet, or smartphone wallpaper, or wearing a scarf.

If you don’t feel particularly drawn to any color or just have no idea in general, you can always talk to a psychic who specializes in auras, aura colors, and color therapy. A good psychic can easily do distance readings as well – no need to drive long distances or spend so much time to find someone who can help you. Try an online psychic – a top rated, experienced psychic who specializes in colors.

Color therapy is a very affordable way to help yourself to adjust your daily mood. It is gentle, noninvasive, and very practical. You can be traveling, at another part of the world, and still can do it. Colors are everywhere – just looking at the sky when you need blue can help. It’s that easy. Or going to a forest or a nearby park when you need green. Feel free to check out videos like this – free! Enjoy your new journey!

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