Aura Color Green

In the previous weeks, we talked about Aura’s and explored the Aura colors of Orange and Yellow. This week we find out about the color Green.

Before we go into more detail about the green aura, some of you may not have read our previous blogs and might be asking ” just what is an aura” ? The Aura is literally an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and also every living organism and object in the universe. It emits a powerful energetic force around each us and usually cannot be seen, however it is very much there. Those who are extremely spiritual, or experienced in reading Aura’s can usually tell what aura color is most prominent for you and the wonderful thing is, that throughout our lives the color of our aura can and will likely change.

Those with the Aura Color Green are said to be balanced in harmony and have great peace in their lives. In the full spectrum of colors , those with the color green, are said to be the most balanced and also have a powerful connection to nature.  Greens love planning, strategizing and feel most happy and productive when organizing something. Greens prefer to create and work hard with their mind and mentally, rather than engaging in physically hard labor.

In career life,  those with the green aura can be very skilled and because of their love for analyzing and planning, they can also be a great asset to a company or organization. They are considered both powerful in their professional and personal life and are also extremely creative people. Greens do have a tendency to be quite controlling and sometimes conflict may arise , should they be part of a team and if they do not agree with others ways of doing things. Greens work best if they are either self employed , or higher up in the ranks of an organization.

In relationships, green set high standards for both themselves and for others.  They can be self critical of themselves and highly judgmental of others. They pay a lot of attention to personal appearance. Green Aura’s love pushing themselves to do better, be in better shape and also love to help and inspire their partner, family and friends. However, they can also become quite impatient and demanding, should people in their lives, not share their same views, or motivation to get ahead.

In spirituality and well being, green aura’s feel most healthiest and happiest when feeling in power, successful and in control of what they are doing and where they are going. At times when they feel they have lost their power, they may experience tiredness, headaches, anxiety and nervous system issues , even irritable bowel syndrome.  Greens need to find a balance between work and play and look logically at situations and their results and quests in life. Greens have wonderful ideas and can manifest the most amazing and imaginative things. They can explore and discover great things in the world and also inspire others in their life to do the same.

Next week, we will explore the aura color of blue.  Other colors in the aura system are just as exciting , especially those of the yellow aura and orange aura.


Wishing you lot’s of light and happiness!

A & J

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