Aura Color Orange

In the previous weeks, we have been exploring the different aura colors and how they affect our energy, balance and lives. This week we will continue with the aura color orange.

A quick recap about auras

In case you haven’t been reading our previous blogs, you may still be wondering, what exactly is an Aura? Auras are very powerful electromagnetic fields, that surround the human body. That’s right, every single person on the planet and every single living organism possesses this energy field or shield. It normally extends above the head and surrounds us all the way around the body , including our legs and feet. This shield is invisible usually to the human eye, however it is there and it emanates various colors. Those who are trained in energy work or are very intuitive can usually tell what aura surrounds a person they meet.Let’s explore further, the color orange.

What does the Orange aura color mean?

Those with the aura color orange usually have tremendous energy and are extremely optimistic. Energetic beings experience a full life through lot’s of interaction with people and through much time spent with nature and the environment. Orange aura’s love to take chances and often these risks can see them fluctuating between both success and failure. They never stop believing though and continue to take chances and remain optimistic about opportunity and success. It is extremely important for orange aura’s to surround themselves with those that are in line with their energy, believe in them and appreciate their skills and talents.

Aura colors can often reflect our mood and also change, depending on the people we are dealing with and their energies . Aura colors can also change, throughout the various stages of our lives. The different auras are symbolic of different meanings and influences and if practiced enough, one can manipulate the energy and their aura to emanate a color of their choosing, when interacting with others .  Aura’s differ from Chakra’s as they cannot be seen, whereas Chakra’s can. Often people confuse the two. Want to know more about the 7 Chakras and how they also represent different parts of your body and also your higher power.

Next week, we will explore the aura color green.

All the best!
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