Aura Color Yellow

This week we look at the world of Auras, how they affect us  and with specific focus on the aura color yellow.

What is an Aura?

The Aura is a electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and also very living organism and object in the universe. This powerful energetic force emits an oval type shaped energy field, which normally extends above and beyond the head and goes all the way around the outside of the body to our feet. (Think of it as a colorful shield surrounding us). Everyone can emit different colors and energies and these differences are reflective of mood, health and one’s well being.  Aura’s can also be representative of different parts of the body. Today we look closer at the aura color yellow.

About the Yellow Aura

The yellow aura relates to the spleen area in the body. It is the color of awakening, creativity, playfulness and often represents people who are very positive and easy going. Those possessing the yellow energy, are often said to have a life’s purpose of making people open up, helping them be creative and discover true happiness. Those who emanate yellow, often don’t dream or dwell on money or material possessions,rather placing a greater importance on having fun, freedom and expressing themselves creatively in their lives.

For Yellow aura’s to stay healthy , they need to focus on bringing their creative projects and ideas to life. They sometimes have a tendency to procrastinate in this area and this may lead to unwanted frustration and stress on their body. It is important for yellows to spend time walking and preferably time with nature as much as possible.  It is also important for them to create environments that evoke fun and laughter , which is extremely important to them and their infectious nature will also inspire others to do the same.

Can Auras Change Colors?

Aura colors can often reflect our mood and and change at different stages in our lives. The different auras are symbolic of different meanings and influences and if practiced enough, one can manipulate the energy and their aura to emanate a color of their choosing, when interacting with others . Aura’s differ from Chakra’s as they cannot be seen, whereas Chakra’s can. Often people confuse the two. Want to know more about the 7 Chakras and how they also represent different parts of your body and also your higher power?

Wishing you lot’s of love and light!

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