Aura Color Blue

In the  previous weeks we have looked at aura colors and how they help define your character and also your life. For those that have not been keeping up to date with our blogs, let us give you a quick insight into aura colors and just how powerful they are.

Every single human being and organism on the planet, is surrounded by an invisible aura ( however aura’s can be seen by the trained eye). Think of it as a powerful energy shield that surrounds the body, starting from the head and down to the tips of our toes.  Auras emit energy that can often influence how we interact with people and their responses. The good thing is that in our lifetime auras can and do change and the more we learn about them, the more we have the ability to influence which aura we project to the world around us.

Blue Aura, which we are discussing today, are said to be loving and nurturing individuals , who are extremely supportive to those in their life. They are also said to have a genuinely good heart. Blues are extremely spiritual people and usually prioritize relationships as their most valuable thing in life. They are interested in prayer and healing rituals and even meditation. Those with the aura blue, find it important to surround themselves with like-minded individuals who also share their spiritual and nurturing beliefs.

Blues are wonderful caregivers and many people are drawn to their kindheartedness..  Way too often they can be found doing things for others and letting emotion override logic. This means that sometimes they find themselves being taken advantage of, or end up in the wrong kinds of relationships. Blues are always trying to change people, or help people in some way. It is highly important that they too , have people in their lives who can help them get out of unhealthy relationship and situations that may arise.

In career, being that they are drawn to help others, this can often lead them into a career or profession that helps others. This could include nursing, teaching, counseling and social work to name a few. Blues are most effective when working in one on one situations with others. If working in a team environment, those with the blue aura need to be in a conducive and healthy environment where people work effectively as a team and support each other.

Blues are quite emotional beings and tend to operate a lot of the time from the Throat Chakra. Sore throats are common and also concerns with breathing and upper respiratory type issues. Blues need to be encouraged to exercise more often and at least try regular walking. Too often they are busy spending their time helping and assisting others, instead of also focusing on their own well being. As it is believed that many emotional issues manifest themselves as actual ailments and disease, it is highly recommend that those with the blue aura, spend time meditating and release negative energies about feeling disappointed and lack of love they feel in their lives.

There are many more fascinating colors in the aura chart and next week we will explore the aura color color of red.

Wishing You Lots of Love And Light!

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