Mind, Body & Spirit

The Mind, Body and Spirit connection is a powerful one.  It is important to take care of all 3 aspects in our lives, which will in turn bring us happiness, clarity and positive energy to our lives. We here at Free Astrology 123, pride ourselves on not only bringing you the best in free astrology, we also want to inspire you and help you be the best you can possibly be, inside and out. There is a great connection between the mind, the body and the spirit and this goes hand in hand with Astrology and what’s in store for your future.  You can create a great foundation for yourself and your life and we are here to help!

Meditation –

Meditation is one of the most powerful relaxation techniques, that can reduce stress and help bring peace, calm and clarity to your life . The best part about it, is that it can also be free. Even 5 minutes of meditation a day, can help not only your health, psychological well being and relationships with others, it can also help how you perceive the world and those around you. Meditation Music , is a great tool to help you get into a relaxed state of mind, with the right music and quiet place, you can center yourself and bring yourself to a higher plane of consciousness.  Mediation is good for all ages and best thing about it, it’s FREE!

7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras, are the energy centers of our body and if energy is not flowing freely and correctly , it can bring on health and spiritual concerns, including illness. The 7 chakras include different parts of the body, from the root/ base all the way to the crown. Each chakra represents a different part of the body and symbolizes emotional issues attached with that location.  The key is to identify and align all of the chakras, creating balance and a better energy flow within your body and your life.


Inspiration –

Our free selection of tarot cards, horoscopes and angel cards are a great source  to help bring clarity to your life. However sometimes, you need something more. There are  many powerful videos out there circulating the internet and we have compiled a list of some of the most moving, inspiring and motivational videos out there today.  We all have dreams, goals, visions and a pursuit of happiness… Sometimes you just need to be inspired to get you there!

Happiness is a journey, not a destination …


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