Horoscope Reading

When you have a horoscope reading, a professional astrologist examines your astrological birth chart created using your date, time, and place of birth. The astrologer can read the chart that maps out where the stars and planets were at the moment of your birth, and shed light on your character, potential, and future. 

Having a horoscope reading can be a game-changer! Although horoscopes can’t predict the future exactly, they can offer insights into situations you might face, people you could meet, and challenges you will have to deal with. But most importantly, a personal horoscope reading can tell you how you are likely to react in future situations. With this knowledge, you can choose to change the future by your actions. It sounds incredible and it is! 

Horoscope readings based on your astrological sign can reveal your true personality and potential. For thousands of years, mystics have been reading the stars and guiding people through life using their zodiac signs. The heavens are divided into twelve astrological signs, or zodiacs. Each sign has unique characteristics that influence people born when the stars and planets are in a certain configuration. Your astrological chart shows the alignment of the sun, planets, and stars at the time of your birth. 

Creating a birth chart, and giving a zodiac reading is a complex procedure, and requires a professional who can interpret the chart and give an accurate sign reading. The best horoscope readings reveal your talents, temperament, what is likely to bring you joy, what type of partner would suit you, which subjects you could excel at, and much more. Do you want to have this kind of insight into your personality and your future? Learn more about what a horoscope reading could do for you, and book an online horoscope reading today.

Which Horoscope is Right for You?

On our website we offer several types of horoscopes, some can help you get through the day, while others might help you map out your plans for the coming year. The astrologers listed on our website can also provide readings for specific areas of your life like a love horoscope reading, or a career horoscope. We also offer a compatibility horoscope so you can check if your potential partner could be your soul mate. Take a browse around our site to see the many horoscope options we offer. 

Love Horoscope

Do you want to know your romantic forecast? Get advice on your love life, and gain an understanding of how you behave in a relationship. A love horoscope can tell you if Mr. or Mrs.Right is on the horizon. There may be opportunities for love that you’re passing by, but with the guidance of a love horoscope, you’ll be able to spot them. Regardless of your relationship status, a love horoscope can add an insightful perspective. Take a look at our directory of astrologers and psychics and choose one that specializes in love horoscopes. The rest is easy, start chatting to one of our horoscope experts, provide them with your birthdate, and discover what the stars say about your love life. You can also get a compatibility horoscope reading where you discover which zodiac sign is most compatible with yours.

Indian Horoscope

You might not have heard of Indian (Vedic) horoscopes, or they may be just what you’re looking for. We have posts on our website that explain Indian horoscopes in-depth, and we have experts that deal exclusively with Indian horoscope readings. Vedic astrology is based on lunar and planetary movements whereas Western astrology is based just on the date of birth. The Western zodiac or Sun signs start on the vernal equinox (usually March 22) and from there the first zodiac sign, Aries, is followed by the rest of the signs. However, each year the vernal equinox moves westward by a few seconds, in the opposite direction of the Sun. Unlike Western astrology, Indian astrology takes this slight shift into account and starts the zodiac at about 25° west of the 0° vernal equinox. They also take the constantly shifting heavenly bodies into account and adjust the zodiac calculations slightly each year. This means a gap of 23 days between the Western Sun signs and Indian Moon signs. So for example, you could have a Libra Sun sign and an Aries Indian Moon sign. Your Moon sign represents your inner self, whereas your Sun sign represents your core self, or the self you present to the world. The symbolism of western and Indian zodiacs is virtually the same, but you might have a different zodiac sign in Western astrology than you do in Indian astrology. You don’t have to choose between 

Western and Indian, you can find both types of astrologers on our website. 

Free Horoscopes

If you’re not ready for a detailed horoscope reading with one of our astrologers, then you can still find out what the stars have planned for you with our free horoscopes. We provide free (yes you read that correctly), free horoscope readings. For a snapshot of what your day will look like, read your free daily horoscope. For an insight into what awaits you this week, take a look at your free weekly horoscope. And if you’d like an overview of what the month will bring, we offer free monthly horoscopes. All you have to do is select your star sign, click, and read.

Horoscope Reading

If you want to get all the details about your horoscope and learn how the planets will affect you in various areas of your life, then choose one of our professional astrologers and have a one-on-one session. You can discuss any questions you have, ask about a particular area of your life, or get a comprehensive reading of your birth chart. An astrology reading of your horoscope could be part of your spiritual journey to happiness and fulfillment. Our astrologers are waiting for you now. 

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