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The Youngest Man To Visit Every Country In The World!

Chelsea Clinton tweeted about him, the worlds media are buzzing about him and Gunnar Garfors is certainly gaining recognition for his world breaking effort, of being the youngest person to travel to every country on the globe. We sat down with Gunnar, to find out what inspired him to take on such a feat, what... Read more »

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Teen Inspiration


World’s Youngest SUP Yoga Instructor

This weeks Teen Inspiration features Jaysea Devoe from Encinitas California. Jaysea is the youngest certified female yoga instructor in the US and officially the worlds youngest SUP yoga instructor , at just 13 years old! We sat down with Jaysea to find out how she got involved with yoga at such a young age and... Read more »



Explore. Dream. Discover

Travel stories that are good for the soul! Read more »

Today's Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope
Is a relationship or romantic issue subtly undermining the energy that you have available for other elements of your life? If so, today your inertia can seem even greater. You may have to try and give yourself something of a pep talk so that you do not let other opportunities slip by. Make focus your keyword today.

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