The Most Common Dreams & Their Meanings

The world of dreams is something we still don’t entirely understand, but one thing is for certain; our dreams can change how we feel about the world. Sleep is a time when our mind can process the things that have happened in the day and make sense of what is going on in our lives. It’s also a time when we can let go of our worldly inhibitions and feel truly free.

Whatever their meaning, dreams are where we can experience a different world. And in this dream world, things happen that can be difficult to explain. Although we’re all different, with unique views of the world and cultural influences, there are quite a few common themes in dreams. But is there a meaning behind common dreams, and can you use these experiences in your life?

What Are Some Of The Most Common Dreams?

We’ll take a look at some of the common dreams that people have and examine some of the deeper meanings behind them.


The feeling of flying in a dream is one that can be both terrifying and thrilling. Dream experts believe that dreams of flying are related to either being held back by something in your life, and the sensation of flying is breaking free from the restraints. 

Some experts also believe that dreams of flying can suggest that there is something in your life that you need to take back control of. Whatever the meaning behind dreams of flying, it can be a disappointment when you finally arrive with a bump back in reality!


Dreaming of falling is rarely a pleasant experience, and perhaps unsurprisingly, experts believe it relates to feeling out of control. This is the sort of dream that can make you wake with a start, which is a good moment to examine the dream in more detail and see how it might relate to something in your life.

Being naked

A dream where you find yourself naked can mean many different things, depending on the context and how you feel about the situation. 

One of the most common dreams is to find yourself naked in an embarrassing situation, perhaps at work or in public. This dream is often reported by those who are perhaps finding themselves out of their depth in a new job, or with a demanding project. Perhaps obviously, the sensation of being naked in a dream usually relates to the feeling of being exposed, or of being ridiculed.

However, being naked in a dream isn’t always a horrifying experience. If you’re naked and no-one is noticing, this can signify that you are either harbouring fears that are unfounded or that you are trying to draw attention to yourself the wrong way.


Dreaming of your teeth falling out is quite a common dream, but experts have different views on what the meaning of this dream is. Some believe it is related to a lack of confidence, or something that has caused you to lose power and influence. 

Rotting or decaying teeth can indicate that you feel like you made a fool of yourself, possibly by saying something you shouldn’t have. Likewise, broken teeth can suggest that your words have hurt someone or that you, or that you feel like you have struggled to make a point in an argument.

Tests or exams

That anxiety before an exam is nobody’s favourite real-world sensation, so in a dream, it can really instil a sense of dread. Especially if that test is one that you haven’t prepared for! It’s often perfectionists who experience this type of dream, with the meaning thought to be that we are worried about being prepared for something. 

Being chased

The sensation of being chased can also instil fear or dread. In fact, it’s not always related to something so horrible in real life. It’s thought that if you dream of being chased, your mind is telling you that it’s time to face a major problem in your life. This could be your job, your relationship or your finances, or anything else you may have been ignoring until now.


This most physical and intimate experiences can relate to so many things in our life. In fact, sex in dreams can be anything from thrilling and arousing, to terrifying or disgusting. As such it is hard to generalise about what sex in our dreams means. In fact, sometimes, dreaming of sex can just be a really pleasant experience and one that is just our mind indulging itself. 

However, sometimes dreaming of sex indicates a need to express yourself, or to lose inhibitions. It can also relate breaking away from something that is holding you back, such as a bad relationship or repressive situation in your life 

Dreaming of sex with strangers, friends or other people that you wouldn’t normally consider as attractive can mean that you need to be more honest about your feelings and emotions. Seeing other people having sex can mean that you need to find your adventurous side and to experiment more. 


Dreaming of being stuck or unable to move is often simply symbolic of your current sleep state. As we’re paralyzed in REM sleep, sometimes moving between sleep states can appear in our dreams. It might appear that we can’t run, move, hit or do anything while we’re in this state.

It can also suggest that there is something in your life that you can’t control, which can include both a situation or your own emotions.

Groundhog Day!

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray constantly wakes up to the same day over and over again. That sensation of waking up in a dream and then waking up again can be quite disorientating… It’s known as a ‘false awakening’ dream and can happen many times in one dream. But what does this dream mean?

It’s thought to imply either urgency in a coming event in your life, and your brain is trying to prepare you for the coming day. However, it can also relate to an impending event that you don’t want to face.

Death or dying

Dreaming of dying can be a very distressing sensation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a nightmare. Sometimes death in a dream can be a relief, and sometimes it can just be a sad experience. But yes, sometimes we can wake with a start…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, dreaming of death, either your own or somebody else’s can often symbolise a new start. A violent death can mean that you’re experiencing stress in life and it’s time to put an end to it. 

Understanding The Most Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Hopefully, this will help you to understand how people have certain kinds of dreams and what exactly they mean. Certain dreams may be open to the interpretation of course and you can make your own assumptions as to why you may have had a particular dream. 

You can speak to one of our psychic readers and ask them any questions you may have regarding any dreams you have been having or had in the past. There is always a way to link these kinds of phenomena and our psychics are here to help. 

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