Tea Leaf Reading – Part 2

Last week, we learned just what a tea reading was and how to prepare for it. This week we will learn how to interpret just what the tea leaves mean for you and your life.

The last step mentioned was the following :

9. The cup should then be placed upside down on a saucer and as the seeker or inquirer is holding the edge of the cup , count to 7, whilst again thinking of the wish or question they are inquiring about.

Once you have done this, you are now ready to either interpret the tea leaves yourself, or have someone interpret them for you. Remember it is important to have your questions ready and know exactly what it is that you are asking. Your questions could be about health, family, wealth , love and so on. Note : whilst taking the time to drink your tea, use this time to think of your questions and try to relax and focus on the questions at hand. Before you do your reading , it is important for yourself or either the person reading and interpreting , to understand the meaning of the leafs.

The cup is looked at in terms of a time period, such as a month or two, but some readers can see even further than that. The top of the cup represents today while the rim is right now. Some readers think of the top as the present and the bottom as the past. The leaves that are found halfway down the cup are events that will take place in approximately two weeks, while further down are events that will occur in three to four weeks.

  • If you find a big clump of tea leaves with no particular pattern or image forming in the bottom of the cup, this is supposed to be symbolic that trouble of some kind is on its way. Look at where the clump has formed in the cup. The cups handle is said to represent you, so if the clump has formed near the handle then it represents trouble of your doing, if it is not near the handle, it is said to be trouble of someone else’s doing.
  • The reading and the cup itself usually involves time frames consisting of a month of two. Some experienced readers can often see beyond that. The top of the cup represents what is happening in your life today and the rim of the cup represents what is happening in this very moment.
  • Some readers also believe that the top of the cup is symbolic of the present time and the bottom is the past. Leaves that are found halfway down the cup represent things that will happen in a few weeks time.

Below is a list of some images and symbols you will see in a cup and what they mean. Not all images are defined or clear, yet any images that can be made out and interpreted will represent the following:

circles: these shapes are symbolic of finances or gifts that are coming to you

Squares: represent calm and serenity in your life

Hearts: represent love and great pleasure

Eggs: represent fertility and or the beginning of something new

Stars: good luck and fortune

Ring : commitment of some sort, or something long term and lasting

straight line: a long life, good health and or travel coming up

Flowers: success and growth in an area in your life


Remember that a tea leaf reading is supposed to be light- hearted and fun. If you are not happy with your reading and what results you have read, the good thing to know is that you are the master of your own destiny. You get to choose if you are happy with the path you are on or not and with sensible decision making you can consciously make a choice to choose a different path.

Wishing you as always, lot’s of light and happiness!

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