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The wonderful thing about the Tarot , is that it is available in many languages. Many countries and cultures around the world use the functions of the tarot and this week we will look at Spanish Tarot. On the internet you will often see the words ” Tarot Gratis”, which means free tarot.  ” Tarot Del Amor Gratis”, means tarot about love, and love is often one of the reasons that people consult the tarot. They want to know about relationships they are currently in, or maybe they are wondering if love will soon enter their life? We offer free tarot readings here at freeastrology123, including the 1 card tarot, 3 card tarot and full/ horseshoes tarot readings. Our site is also available in multiple languages, including Spanish. To view our site and readings in Spanish, go to the home page and click on the Spanish flag/ icon at the top right hand side of the page.

The Spanish Tarot, have the following names for the 4 different suits!  Wands are called ” Bastos”, Cups are called ” Copas”,  Swords are ” Espados” and Pentacles are ” Oros”.  Some decks that you buy are called ” Bilingual” decks and have both the English name for the card at the top and the spanish name at the bottom.  Like English Tarot, the major and minor aracana, are the same, have the same meanings, however the pronunciation is in Spanish…

The Major Arcana names in Spanish :

El Loco, El Mago,  El Mundo, La Emperatriz, Justicia, Templanza, El Diablo, La Torre,  El Emperador, La Sacerdotisa, El Juicio, La Luna, El Sol, La Estrella, El Ermitano, La Rueda de la Fortuna, El Colgado, El Carro, Los Enamorados, El Sumo, Death ( doesn’t seem to have a spanish name).

The Minor Aracana comprises of the other 56 cards in a tarot deck and in esoteric, occult tarot and divinatory tarot, is believed to make up the mundane type features of every day life.

For anyone wanting to try a bilingual ( Spanish- English ) deck, you might want to try ” The Universal Marseille Taarot” , which incorporates and embodies the origins of tarot in beautiful and symbolic images. This deck was created by Claude Burdel.

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