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2022 is underway and as we approach February, Valentine’s Day will soon be on our doorstop. This is a great time of year for those that are head over heels in love, or currently in a blissful relationship. Some of us though, may be wondering when love will enter our lives, or what’s in store for us for the rest of the year. Will we meet the person of our dreams? Or have wonderful adventures in the months to come?   We are excited to announce that shortly we will be adding daily,weekly and monthly love horoscopes to our site, courtesy of our wonderful astrologer Patrick Arundell.

love is such an integral part of our lives, when we are in love, we look better, feel better and effortlessly breeze through life with a big smile on our face. We are all capable of finding such bliss and yet it is important recognize that the universe too, plays a part in the timing of when such events will occur. Trust that you will find love and you likely will. (who knows it could be sometime soon) Remember it is all written in the stars…..

Wishing you much love and happiness !

A and J

P. S  If you would like to find out what zodiac sign/s you are most compatible with, head on over and check out our love compatibility feature . Some signs are a wonderful karmic match and others will require more effort , in order to create and sustain a long term union. Find out more today!

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