How To Have A Magical Day


Would you like to wake up and have a magical day every day ? One where you feel good and expect good things to happen? Well you can and it’s as easy as making a conscious decision every day to set the intent.

What do we mean at the very beginning of your day, from the time you get out of bed, make a choice to see the good things and positivity that surrounds you , rather than that which is not working for you.. Maybe you’re tired, or you’ve run out of coffee as you go the kitchen for your morning breakfast. Or maybe you stub your toe as you awaken out of bed from your alarm clock.

However, it is important to acknowledge the power in these first moments of your day, for it is during this time that we get to choose whether or not we will have a magical day. The trick is to find something that you are happy about. Maybe you are thankful for the sun that is shining outside your bedroom window, or the excitement you feel as you look forward to that vacation or party that is coming up. Maybe you are thankful for the blessings of your family? Or for your good health? or simply for the gift of being alive? Pick one thing to be grateful for ( or more if you wish)  and thank the universe for this blessing/s. In this moment also make a conscious decision to set the intent that you will have a good day.

See yourself radiating with positivity , energy and happiness as you go about your daily tasks. Tell yourself that you are open to magic, good fortune and prosperity.The universe is always listening to your thoughts and when we do this, we become a magnet for good things, events and people to come into our lives. So go ahead , set the intent that you are going to have a wonderful day and just watch that magic happen.

All The Best

A and J

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