History Of the Crystal Ball Reading

crystal_ball Crystal Balls often appear mysterious, magical and beautiful. Many people are drawn to crystal balls and the power that emanates from them!
The origin of the crystal ball takes us back to Britian , around 2000 BC. At this time , Crystal Balls were consulted as part of a crystal ball reading by the Celtic tribes, often referred to as Druids. The Druids usually had very important roles in society, such as philosophers, teachers, scientists and kings. In the middle ages, fortune tellers saw the importance of crystal balls and oracles, to see the past and also to predict the future, especially in Central Europe.
Crystal balls were initially made of naturally transparent gemstone, as it is was believed that the gemstone possessed supernatural powers. In modern times this rock has been replaced by rock crystal , which is even more translucent, reflective and magical! Throughout history notable Mathematicians, Astronomers, Geographers and even consultants for Royal Families, have often been known to and ask a crystal ball a question about important issues, regarding money, politics, career and guidance when other sources have failed to work. Many people view the crystal ball as having great spiritual power and also a communication tool to connect to the higher spirit world and the Angels.
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