The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is one of the tarot deck’s Major Arcana cards. It is traditionally associated with a mother figure, maternal instinct, and harmony in the family and marriage. It can be connected to the hope of starting a family. The Empress card contains symbols associated with success in creativity, artistic endeavors, and artistic energy. This could be in many forms such as performing arts, visual arts, or even creating a beautiful meal or planting a beautiful garden. Creativity is associated with creating new life and connects back to the theme of creating a family and the possibility of being pregnant. It is not necessarily your pregnancy but someone close to you. If you pick the Empress card or it comes up in a tarot reading, it is a portent of good things to come. Life, creativity, harmony, and peace. Remember that when tarot cards are dealt and land in an upright position they have a different meaning to if they land reversed. In an upright position, the Empress is a positive symbol of beauty, nurturing, abundance, and femininity. Reversed, she symbolizes dependence on others, a need for introspection, and self-care or a creative block.

The Reversed Empress 

If the Empress card appears “standing on her head” during your tarot reading, the meaning is literally reversed. A reversed Empress encourages you to embrace self-love, take care of yourself, and put yourself first. In other words, nurture yourself. If you have been investing your energy in mothering others, now is the time to focus on yourself. Take some me-time, spoil yourself, reconnect with mother nature, and generally recharge your batteries. You can’t take care of others if you are in a bad way. The Empress facing away from you can mean that you have a creative block, for example, a writer’s bloc. And you’re finding it hard to come up with new ideas or launch a new project. The trick is to tune in to what you think and not what others think of you. Let your creative juices flow. Sometimes the Empress appears reversed when you need to address your body image, rediscover your inner and outer beauty and show yourself some love. If you’re in a relationship, the reverse Empress can mean that you are becoming overprotective, co-dependent, or controlling the relationship. 

The Upright Empress in your Past

If the Empress card appears in a tarot spread position related to your past, it implies that an opportunity you had in the past is influencing your present. This could be in your personal life, career, creative endeavor, or a new relationship. The lesson to take away from this is to remember your resourceful behavior, especially your self-discipline.

The Upright Empress in your Present

If the Empress card appears in a tarot spread position related to your present you could be experiencing a new beginning, new events could be unfolding, or you may find yourself in a new situation. The lesson to take away from this tarot position is that you may need to be understanding, sensitive to the emotions of others and yourself during this new experience. It can also indicate that a loved one needs help and the benefit of some of your maternal love. You can choose whether to fulfill this role or not.

The Upright Empress in your Future

If the Empress card appears in a tarot spread position related to your future, you will receive healing and respite from emotional and physical pain in the future. There may be new paths awaiting you that will be more beneficial to you. It can also mean that in the future broken bridges will be mended. And if you have invested your time, money, energy, or emotions in something, it will pay off in the future, if you tend to it.

The Empress as a Daily Tarot Card or One-Card Reading

If you opt for a daily one-card reading you can ask yes/no questions. You simply focus on the question you want answered and pick a card. If you receive the Empress card in a yes/no reading, you must consider how the symbolism of this card relates to your question. In this case, the Empress symbolizes all things motherly, but can also imply nurturing, solving problems, success in business, success in relationships, and positive productivity and creativity. The Empress is suggesting that you move forward and fulfill your potential. If you simply want a yes or no, then the Empress is a resounding YES!

It’s Open to Interpretation

Remember that the Empress card has many hidden meanings which need to be interpreted by a tarot card reader. The psychic tarot reader will tune into your energy, and to the spirit world to interpret which traits of the Empress card relate to you. Each person and situation is unique. Find out if the Empress card is influencing your life, with an online tarot reading.


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