Chinese Lucky Number 8

All about Chinese Lucky Number 8

The word for 8 in Chinese  (? Pinyin : ba) , sounds extremely similar to the Chinese word that means wealth and  and to prosper. This number is believed to be extremely favorable to have as part of the numbers that make up your address, or telephone number. It is also believed to be extremely lucky if there is more than one number 8 at once.  Example 88, or even 8888 would be deemed as extremely lucky. Many believe that the number 8, is the luckiest number of them all.

The number eight is said to be representative of the feeling for inclusion. The number eight is also symbolic of balance. The Chinese also believe that the number eight is a supernatural number and is a number for initiations and spiritual ascension for that fact that eight or 8 represents the forces within the world of phenomenon. There are many other numbers that the Chinese believe to be lucky and they use these numbers when dealing with others in business, relationships and partnerships of any kind. Other Lucky Chinese Numbers include :

Find out what other numbers the Chinese believe will bring great fortune, luck or prosperity.

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