Chinese Lucky Number 7

Chinese Lucky Number 7

The Chinese Lucky Number 7 is another odd number, that is actually considered lucky in both the Chinese and Western cultures.  In Chinese, it sounds like the word ( (?, Pinyin: qi)  meaning life essence. The Chinese believe that this number it not only lucky for wealth , yet also good for relationships. The seven represents the combination of  Yin  Yang and the five elements (metal, wood, water,fire and earth). The number is also said to be a very harmonious number.

Seven is also the number of a perfectly completed cycle, as each phase of the moon for example lasts for 7 days. People in China often celebrate ceremonies of various kinds on the 7th day, to seal and create the perfect harmony for the event. The Chinese also believe in the idea of perfect timing and the order of nature. This is expressed in the numeric union represented by the the union of the number 4 ( which symbolizes the Earth) and 3  ( which symbolizes heavenly attributes). Together these equal the number and tell us that to everything there is a larger, grander and more divine construct that sustains life.

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