Chinese Lucky Number 3

Chinese Lucky Number 3:

The number three although being an odd number, is believe to be lucky because  it sounds similar to the Chinese word for birth . They also believe that in a persons life, there is three  important stages that signifies the number 3 and they include birth , marriage and death. It is also believed in Chinese culture that groups of 3 are even luckier, for example of you see the number 33, or 333, or even 3333 then this can suggest great luck and fortune.

If the number of a house on a street where you are looking to purchase, has the number 3 , or even 33, or 333 then it is suggested that this is a lucky omen.This number can also be determined as lucky for office numbers, phone numbers, numbers,if seen in contracts, or even the number of where you are sitting on an airplane. There is an old Chinese.proverb that goes like this ” The wisdom of three ordinary people exceeds that of the wisest individual”.

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