Chinese Lucky Number 9

All about Chinese Lucky Number 9

The Chinese Lucky Number 9, was often associated with the Emperor of China, and frequently thus number was officially used.  This number is also believed to mean long lasting and eternity.  The number can also mean harmony and often it is used in celebrations, particularly weddings. besides the numbers 6 and 8, the Chinese also believe the number 9 to extremely favorable. The Chinese number nine has the same pronunciation with ?(Jiu, meaning everlasting).

On Valentines Day, some people go as far as buying 99 or even 999 roses or flowers, to symbolize their commitment and everlasting love to another person. In some traditional Chinese Customs, the bridegroom will often give a gift of money containing CNY 9,999 or 99,999 to the brides family to bless and ensure a long lasting union between the two. The number 9 and or multiples of 9, are very much liked by the Chinese , as it can also symbolize longevity, eternity and great power.

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