Chinese Lucky Number 2

All About Chinese Lucky Number 2

The number two is considered a lucky number, as the Chinese believe that two represents pairs and that good things always come in twos. A pair is considered lucky and we see this in the union of marriage and when people give gifts containing pairs of something at a birthday party, bridal shower or celebration. In marketing pairs of things are often used to sell products and when there is double of something, it often has a positive association and as the old saying goes ” good things often come in pairs.”

If the number of a house on a street where you are looking to purchase, has the number two then it suggests a lucky omen. If you were to see the number 2 twice, example 22 , then the Chinese believe that would then be a double blessing. This number can also be determined as lucky for offices, in phone numbers, numbers seen in contracts, the number of where you are sitting on an airplane, or anywhere at all where you see the number 2 pop up in your life and your dealings with others.

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