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For the next 12 blogs, we are going to explore the 12 sun signs and the traits and attributes of that sign .This week we look at the zodiac sign of Pisces!

Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Jupiter & Neptune
Symbol: The Two Fishes, joined together, but swimming in opposite directions.


( Pisces 20th February – 20th March)

In many ways Pisces are very much like another dual sign Gemini. Pisces symbolic sign and image shows two fishes, which represent a lifelong batter of the Piscean nature. One fish swims toward the soulful mystic oceans and rather spiritual in nature and the other fish swims toward self fulfillment and personal success and goals. Pisces if tuned into their intuition , can sense the intentions of others and having such innate intuition always them to see the bigger picture and often find balance in their lives. Pisceans are complex and sensitive characters.

Those with the Pisces sign are in fact extremely romantic. They are loving and cherish deep intimacy. In order for them to reveal their true passionate selves, they often use their intuition and seek to see if they connection is real with their mate, before diving in. Piscean’s prefer deep and intense , committed relationships over superficial and shallow love affairs. In social relationships and settings, Pisces are usually quite popular, as they are calm and easy going characters. Their intuition usually draws them to like-minded individuals and they prefer to let circumstances in life unfold first, then make decisions and respond after.

Pisces are driven people and are capable of incredible deeds. They are dedicated to pursuing the path they are on, yet need to be careful of perhaps what could be deemed as obsessive- compulsive tendencies. They don’t do well in structured environments as their nature seems to for against convention . They are can also be emotional and intense characters, however if they fine tune their intuition have an ability to instinctively respond well to others and be some of the most warm and compassionate individuals.



Pisces Biggest Strength :  Receptive to new ideas and circumstances and extremely intuitive


Pisces Biggest Weakness : Sometimes impractical and unrealistic and emotionally restrained.

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