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Following up from last weeks blogs, about Angel Numbers, this week we take a look at a new set of number sequences that may pop up for you. When you see these numbers, know that it is a sign from the Angels and that they are trying to communicate messages to you. What message they want to convey, depends on the particulat numbers and these will be explained below.

666  When you see this number sequence, you are not thinking with a clear head . You are not thinking of what’s important. You are busy being fearful and worrying too much about money. Instead focus on what it is that you do want , instead of what it is that you don’t want.

777  When you see this number sequence, know that the Angels are happy. You are working hard or in a fortunate place and your wildest dreams are coming true. Keep expecting that more great things are on their way.

888  When you see this number sequence, this signifies that a phase is about to end. This could relate to your career, business or something more emotionally related. Another door is about to open. Go ahead and take the next step.

999   When you see this number sequence, it suggests that this is a time when the world needs you. This is a time to give back to others who need help, to give gratitude and continue the cycle of paying it forward.

000  When you see this number sequence, it is a reminder that the higher powers that be are near, they are around you and working through you. This can also be a sign that a situation in your life has no gone full circle.

If you want to know more about Angels and how they continue to communicate to us in our lives, conveying messages to us in different ways, explore our Daily Angel Guidance feature we have added to the site and find out what message the Angels have for you today.



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