Understanding and Healing Your Karmic Relationships

From the choice of your long-term romantic partner to the stranger you talk to on the metro for only five minutes, karmic relationships can appear at any time, for any duration, and in any form. They are special from the beginning: you look in the eyes of someone and you know you have seen them before. You know that you know them. The feeling is too deep, too palpable to ignore. There is something compelling between you two, something that wants to be explored, experienced, claimed.

You interact with tens or maybe hundreds of people a day – even merely sharing space is interacting. When you are on a crowded bus, you are part of a whole – physically and energetically. You are sharing your destiny with them for the next ten, twenty, thirty minutes. If there is no one on that bus whom you share a karmic relationship with, then like on most days, it will be an eventless ride. Just another day on the bus.

When you come across people whom you share a karmic bond with, whether it’s from past lives or because you have a mutual lesson to learn, your body reacts differently. There might be a new sensation in your stomach, an uncomfortable tightening or an expansive, relaxed feeling. It might make you nervous, or it make you feel extremely at ease because you know you are meant to spend time with this person, it feels right. All this happens so naturally, so independently from everything else.

The experience, however seemingly small, moves you deep in your core. Maybe you just looked at each other in the eyes and didn’t even have a chance to talk. Maybe you talked but it was for a few minutes. Yet, you were impacted deep inside beyond what the on-the-surface interaction you had with this person warrants. You are intrigued. You know there is more to it. It’s like a book that wants to be read all the way, a song that needs to be sung til its end. It’s calling you.


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Identifying your karmic relationships

To identify the karmic relationships in your life, evaluate the nature of your apparent relationship with each person versus what’s happening under the surface, in your feeling world as these relationships unfold. Let’s assume, for the sake of an example, that many people have called you a “flake,” but you didn’t care until now. You even owned it, embraced it, laughed about it. Then your karmic connection called you a flake, and somehow it really, extremely bothered you. It got through to you.

You almost feel like everyone else can call you a flake, but not this person. You maintain that he or she is different. That things are different between you, even though you can’t put a finger on it, you can’t find the words to explain it to other people. It’s direct knowing, similar to psychic knowing, deep intuition. You just know.

Such relationships are difficult to maintain and grow. They take energy, more than what you invest in other relationships. Some karmic relationships turn into romantic love, which is what we call “soul mate relationships,” or sometimes even “twin soul” relationships; and they are thoroughly challenging, sometimes life-shattering. They define your life, and they change you. But not all karmic relationships are soul mate-types.

Most of us share a karmic bond with our families. And people change roles – so your mother in this life might have been your child in your past life (if you feel like taking care of her more than what’s considered ‘normal,’ this might be the case), or your favorite aunt might have been your mother in your past life. Your father might have been your husband or even your wife in a past life.

Past life therapists such as Brian Weiss time and again state that souls change gender, race, nationality, religion, and culture in each life to be able to experience it all. In the spirit world, things are extremely fluid, and souls are hungry for learning. If you are a woman in this lifetime, and you feel very grounded, strongly rooted in your femininity, you even love it with deep devotion, it’s likely that you chose to be a woman for a few lifetimes in a row.

Bad karma relationships

All souls carry lifetimes of wounds; being a human being is no easy task. There is much to be experienced, and everything that was unresolved in past lives has to be resolved, which is why we reincarnate every time.

You, too, came here to grow into new soul states, and to be able to do that you, too, must face and untangle all those knots from past lives. But we shouldn’t judge what happened in a past life with today’s standards. You might have burnt women in another life, calling them witches. Or maybe you were called a witch, when you were a healer, and they burnt you. Regardless of which side of the event you were on, it’s something that needs to be addressed, only to help your soul today.

You don’t necessarily have to remember your past lives to resolve the issues coming from them. It can help to work with a psychic past life advisor to uncover your memories because you are connected to your past experiences whether you remember them or not. They determine how your life unfolds today, so some past life work could really help.

If you find yourself in an unhealthy, toxic relationship, it can be due to two reasons. You might have unresolved issues from this life, say from your childhood. If this is the case, the toxic relationship will still feel unpleasant, but it will be easier to deal with, compared to a toxic relationship formed because of past karma. In the former, you have a personal issue to resolve, and the other person is just a “stand in” for you to resolve the issue. In the latter, when it’s a karmic relationship, you have something to resolve with the person!


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Karmic relationship healing

To heal your karmic relationships, it might be a good idea to work with a psychic past life advisor, because such relationship might easily cloud your judgment. They might feel too complex, somehow you just can’t find the way out of what feels like a dark maze. They might weigh you down and start to affect all areas of your life.

Here are a few practices that can help:

Try to cultivate patience, as karmic relationships take time to understand and resolve. Trust that every relationship is resolvable. Yours isn’t the first karmic relationship, nor is it the only one you’ll have. Every person has at least several key karmic relationships to resolve, and they all vary in complexity.

Write a letter to the person with whom you have a karmic relationship. You don’t need to give the letter to them. This practice is for you to be as open and honest as possible. Write how you feel, how this person makes you feel, and explore what you want out of this relationship. Be true to your soul – what is it you want to see happen? And what is it that you think will happen? If there’s a discrepancy between what you want and what you think will happen, it begs to be explored why.

If you’re on talking terms with the person, ask them if they feel the same deep connection. Ask what it means for them, and how they are dealing with it. See if you can find ways to work on the relationship together, resolving issues mutually. It’s a blessing if this can be done, as most of the time karmic relations bring up such difficult emotions that people prefer avoiding one another or going deep together in person.

Explore the issue with a past life advisor, a psychic, or a psychic energy healer. You can consult astrology as well, as comparing your birth chart with that of your karmic connection can yield tremendous information. Karmic relationships transcend rational approaches, they need a deeper approach. Any psychic discipline or method that feels right to you should help.

It can be scary to discover the things that happened between you and your karmic connection, as past lives tend to be more eventful and even more violent than what we experience today. Many of us experienced lawlessness and mayhem in those lives. The memories can be too much. Take the time, and be there for yourself. The exploration is worth it as nothing is sweeter than release from karma.

Such a release doesn’t mean your karmic relationships will end. But it does mean that these relationships will change and evolve. They will become healthier, more wholesome. And yes, in some cases they will dissolve and you’ll move on, on your own, to explore new relationships.

Psychics say, once a connection is formed it’s always there. Spiritually we’re always connected to those people whom we’ve connected with, even once. With karmic relationships this holds even truer, so even if you resolve the karma and part ways, that person will always be a part of you – a sweet, beautiful part.


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