what should you know about premonition dreams?

Each night, when we close our eyes, we see vivid images, sounds, and experiences that can feel like a fantasy or sometimes feel very real. What do these visions in dreams tell us?

For as long as we could sleep, we have tried to find the meaning behind our dreams. Some people believe that dreams simply give the brain a chance to process the day and store memories. 

But people in every culture report the experience of premonition dreams that predict the future. The ancient Egyptians used dreams to predict future drought, famine, and war. In fact, did you know that many people had dreams about the sinking of the Titanic before it came true?

If you have had a dream come to life, you are not alone. If you experience dream visions, you are receiving powerful messages from the universe and spirit guides that can help you in life. If this happens to you, keep reading to find out how to recognize dreams and premonitions as well as what to do when this happens. 

What is a premonition dream?

Dreams happen during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of sleep every night. Although each person has at least three to five dreams every night, most people forget 95% of their dreams.

Some dreams can seem completely random. Others relate to things that happened during the day. Then there are the dreams that we cannot shake. These visions carry powerful messages from the spiritual realm. 

If you’ve ever experienced recurring dreams or vivid dreams that feel very real, you might be receiving messages from the universe — messages that could give you a glimpse of what will happen in the future. These premonition dreams give you a vision of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Everyone experiences premonition dreams. Perhaps you can recall a moment of déjà vu when the current moment feels oddly familiar. Maybe you have dreamt about something that happens the very next day. 

During a premonition dream, you may experience dreaming something before it happens. In some cases, a premonition dream predicts a life changing event. Your spirit guides or guardian angels may send you messages to guide you, or warning signs, in the form of visions during dreams. Dreams that feel real could show you when to pursue opportunities and avoid harmful situations — if you know how to recognize them.

Can Our Dreams Predict the Future?

It may seem unbelievable if you have never experienced premonition dreams before. But intuitive dreams visions happen more often than you might expect. 

When the Titanic sank in 1912, many people already had frightening dreams about the terrible tragedy. At least 19 people recorded disturbing visions of a sinking ship, including a man named Morgan Robertson, who had a vision of a boat with the name “Titan” on its side sinking into the ocean, a boat that people thought unsinkable. He later wrote a short story called “The Sinking of the Titan”, published 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic!

Later, in 1962, a psychic reader named Jeanne Dixon warned of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy before it happened. Leading up to the 9/11 attacks, many people had premonitions of burning buildings predicting that horrible day.

So why does having visions in dreams usually happen while sleeping?

When we are awake, we block certain emotional experiences because they are too painful. Other emotions are just so subtle that we don’t pay attention because of distractions. When we fall asleep, we become more open and sensitive. Our unconscious desires, ideas, and thoughts come to the surface. We can tap into the subtle energies of the universe that we ignore or fail to notice when we are awake.

What do your premonitions mean?

Every night, you have dreams, whether you remember them or not. You will see images or scenarios that help process emotions and stress from the day. Common themes include the feeling of flying, teeth falling out, or being naked in public. These situations tell us about our deepest emotions, desires, and fears.

Premonition dreams feel very different. Some of the signs of premonition dreams that come true include:

  • Dreams that feel very real
  • Waking up suddenly from a dream
  • Feeling very emotional after a dream by losing your breath, feeling scared, or crying
  • Vision in dreams play out in a clear, chronological order
  • Dreams feel very vivid and memorable
  • Someone from your distant past or a deceased loved one shares an important message
  • You get a feeling that you just can’t shake. The dream sticks with you throughout the next day or even longer
  • You can feel it in your gut that this dream is different than a usual dream

Understanding premonition dreams can guide you in very important, even life-changing ways. Remember that not all premonition visions are bad either! Sometimes, people dream about meeting their soulmate, landing a new job, or even winning the lottery!

We live in a scientific world that prefers dealing with facts. Many believe in the things they can touch with their hands or see with their eyes. But, in fact, there are many examples of things that we simply cannot perceive with our naked eyes. Sometimes, we need to experience the mysteries of the universe using psychic perceptions.

More skeptical people might just brush off the experience and ignore the signs of a premonition dream. More open-minded people feel comfortable trusting their gut and are more sensitive to understanding the subtle messages sent through visions and dreams. 

Psychic dreams come true so you want to make sure you know what to do when you have this type of dream. Don’t ignore the messages sent from the universe and dreams that feel real meaning. Speak with a top-rated psychic to understand when are dreams signs of the future and what to do.

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How to tell if premonitions are real

Many people experience premonitions, from ordinary to life changing. You can learn to notice how real are dreams if you know what to look for:

Types of premonition vision and dreams (and how to tell if they are real)

Soul Walking: People describe this type of dream as having an out of body experience. The soul leaves the body and visits another physical location. You may witness an important event in the future while soul walking.

Telepathic Dreams Premonitions: Telepathic dreams allow one person to send messages to another during sleep. One person sends messages through energy vibrations that the recipient understands through visions during dreams. Could someone far away send you messages of love or a warning?

Insightful Dreams Premonitions: There are many examples in history of great thinkers who received their ideas during a dream. The universe reveals a brilliant idea or inspiration in a grand psychic vision. Albert Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity from a vision in a dream, and famous chemist, Dimitry Mendeleev, received his idea for the periodic table in a dream. Mary Shelly, the author of Frankenstein, came up with the character for her classic novel thanks to having visions in dreams.

Shared Dreams: Sometimes, people dream about the same thing. This powerful event is more than just coincidence. This is called a shared dream. The universe may want two or more people to receive a similar message or premonition of an important event.

Messages from Spirits: Spirit guides, guardian angels, or deceased relatives will try to send messages. But while awake, most people don’t have the ability to recognize these messages. Often, psychic visions came during dream sleep. You may experience vivid interactions from a loved one who has passed away that wants to warn you, guide you, or let them know that they are okay. In some cases, you may even see a vision of the person or spirit guide during the dream or even after you wake up. Pay attention to the messages from the spirits and their meaning during a premonition dream.

Lucid Dreaming: In some spiritual practices, people can train themselves (usually through meditation or psychic training) to become aware during their dreams and even control what they do and experience. This type of psychic ability allows you to better understand the meaning of premonition dreams and to explore the unconscious realms of the universe. 

So what are your dreams like?

What kind of dreams do you have at night? If you are reading this, chances are you already have experienced this type of dream and seek guidance on what to do. The universe and your spirit guides have given you a valuable gift that can help you follow the right path and avoid harm. 

Spiritual visions meanings will help you understand yourself. But often when we dream, we forget most of our dreams right away. You can start to remember your dreams better by writing them down in a journal as soon as you wake up. Look at the common images and symbols and try to interpret how they reflect your life. 

If you are not sure about the meaning and can dreams be premonitions, you can get a true understanding of dreams by speaking with a trained psychic. Psychic readers have unique abilities and the experience to provide powerful insights into the psychic meaning of dreams. Talk to a top-quality psychic and find out how a vision in dreams could predict your future.

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