Premonition and Precognition

Have you ever had the strange sense that you already knew what would happen in the future? Perhaps it feels like deja vu, a vivid dream, or a vision of future events. You may have tapped into the psychic abilities of premonition and precognition.

Some call it the second sight. Premonition and precognition give you a strong feeling or vision of future events. You may receive these messages from your spirit guides or angels looking to guide you or protect you from harm. You may experience sudden feelings of deja vu, the feeling that you have already experienced an event and sense what will happen next. 

Some people are born with special psychic abilities to predict the future through premonition and precognition. If you have questions about what to do and what will happen in your life, you can speak to a psychic advisor who can shine a light on what will happen to you in the future. With this wisdom, you can make better decisions today to create the future outcomes that you desire. 

So is the power of premonition and precognition even real? Find out all you need to know and discover the secrets of the psychic abilities to foresee the future.

Premonition and Precognition – Are they the same? 

Although premonition and precognition share similarities, the two psychic abilities have one main difference: premonitions happen while awake, and precognition happens when dreaming.

Premonitions mean to see a future event, in a vision while awake. A future event flashes before your eyes. You experience a sense or feeling of an event to come. 

So what is precognition? In a precognition definition, you perceive a future event while sleeping or dreaming. Precognition dreams feel very different than a normal dream; you know that this experience is different and meaningful.

Famous Noted Cases of Precognition and Premonition

Sometimes the cosmos wants to send us messages, in the form of premonitions or precognitions, to protect or warn us against a future event. People have experienced these phenomena before a huge event in history, that eerily come true. 

It happened to Sir Winston Churchill. The former UK prime minister always sat on the same side of his car when traveling. One day he had a gut feeling to switch sides. That same day a bomb exploded, damaging the part of the car where he would usually sit. If he hadn’t followed his premonition meaning, he likely would have died that day.

Ronnie van Zant, the lead singer Lynyrd Skynyrd, experienced a premonition before boarding a plane in October 1977. He turned to bandmates saying, “C’mon, let’s go. If it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.” Their plane went down that day, killing three of the band members. Survivors of the crash remember that frightening premonition. That same day, band vocalist Jo Jo Billingsley had a vision of a plane crashing down, before she heard the horrible news.

More recently, UK indie rock back, the Arctic Monkeys had another strange premonition of the pandemic that began in 2020. Their song She Looks Like Fun from the 2018 album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, features the lyrics, “We’ve moved it all online as of March”. Could it have referred to the global lockdown that forced all workers to go online as of March 2020?

Many famous figures in history have experienced precognitive dreams. Like when American author, Mark Twain dreamt of attending his brother’s funeral and placing a single rose on the casket. His brother passed away from a sudden accident just weeks later. US President Abraham Lincoln told his family of a dream of a funeral taking place in the White House. Within a few days, he was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre.

If I Dream About The Future – Is it a Precognition? 

Just because you have a vivid dream, doesn’t mean that you have dreamt of the future. Dreams can mean many different things, and it takes an experienced psychic to interpret whether you have had a precognitive dream or not. Sometimes dreaming about a person dying, for example, doesn’t mean a premonition of death and that it will actually happen. Death can also symbolize anger toward another person, or the end of a period in your life.

So if you have a powerful dream, it’s best to speak to someone who can help you understand the meaning. Schedule a meeting with a top-rated psychic advisor to find out the messages of your dreams and whether or not you have experienced precognition. 

How Can I Master This Ability?

Do you wish to master the psychic abilities of precognition and premonition? You can train yourself in the second sight of seeing into the future. Here are a few tips to help heighten your precognitive abilities:

Open your awareness: We often go through life dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. We fail to notice the things happening around us right now. Mindfulness means to observe the present moment without judgment. Developing the sense of presence, you will open up to messages and signs all around you, and possibly experience a premonition in dreams, too.

Keep a dream journal: People dream on average for 2-3 hours per night, but most of us forget our dreams soon after we awake. Keep a dream journal by your bedside. Write down the symbols or events of your dreams. This will help to interpret what you experience in a dream state and tune into possible precognitive dreams.

Speak to a trained psychic: Top-quality psychic advisors have already mastered premonition and precognition in dreams. If you speak to a psychic regularly, they can help you tune into your own abilities and help interpret your visions.

The second sense of seeing into the future can save your life and guide you to your destiny. That is if you know how to recognize a premonition and precognition. Start paying attention to the signs around you. Listen to your intuition. 

When you think you’ve experienced a glimpse into the future, speak with a top-rated psychic who can guide you to discover messages from the universe and make the right decisions today.

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