5 Key Things to Know About Premonitions

Ever wondered what causes premonitions, what the unmistakable signs of premonition are, or how to strengthen premonitions to be able get better and more insightful ones in the future? Do you know what to do with premonitions, how to receive them and how to listen to them when they come?

It’s kind of like trying bake a cake with soul-dough; it’s there, it’s rich, but you can’t tangibly see it. You have to intuit it, approach it from a psychic or spiritual level, trust it, reach in and feel it to make sure the consistency is good, that it’s a mature premonition, put fears aside, and then act on it calmly.

But before we continue with our metaphor, let’s go back to the basics for a moment and build our knowledge from there.


1. Where do premonitions come from?
If you’re thinking, “I have premonitions that come true,” yet you don’t understand why they come to you and not to others, here’s what you need to know. Premonitions come from our collective morphogenetic space – think of this space as the Divine Womb where we come from, where souls mingle and decide who’s going to Earth next. A space where all our soul-DNA is available, and our Spirit Guides are with us.

Premonitions come from this space. This space precedes life, it’s concurrent with life, and it’s there after life. It envelops life. It’s bigger than life, it’s omnipresent and omniscient. Premonitions are like information leaks – you know how sometimes organizations do it on purpose and sometimes it’s inadvertent? It’s kind of like that.

At the other end of the information channel is you – you who are psychically sensitive, open to spiritual guidance, who wouldn’t mind getting some help from the other side to have a better life on this side. You are a fitting receptor – like a magnet inviting the right pole.


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2. What does a premonition feel like?
A premonition doesn’t feel the same as your ordinary regular thoughts or emotions. Premonitions can come as images, words, or hunches. If you’re the type who hears words or phrases, repeat them to yourself and see how they feel. A premonition would feel right every time you repeat – whereas if it’s your own imaginative sentence, it won’t feel right after you repeat it three-four times. It’ll feel made up.

If you see images, replay the image in your mind’s screen. If it’s a premonition, it’ll come back the same every time – same quality and same strength in energy. If it’s your own making-up, then when you play it in your mind’s eye, the images will change and you’ll see all kinds of different images. A premonition is like a scientific experiment – repetition should bring the same results – this is the one big unmistakable sign of premonitions.

3. Strengthening your premonitions
So you get premonitions but they are not as frequent as you’d like them to be, or as clear and strong as you would have preferred. How would you improve their quality and quantity? One sure way is to make time for daily meditation, or if not daily, then frequent and regular enough. Calming your mind will calm your soul, and a calm soul connects with the spirit world more easily.

Another sure way to strengthen your premonitions is to trust the information that comes from the other side. When you have doubts, be honest about it. Say, “universe, I have doubts. I am not able to have clarity. Please repeat the information or send me a clearer signal.” Really be from the heart and don’t be afraid of how the new information might come – through words, images, hunches, or a dream.

Meditation and trust – these are two surefire ways. You can also play psychic games – do readings for fun to strengthen your intuition. Making it a game will allow you to approach it with the open mind and curiosity of a child. If you stress out about it, or feel like you need to prove something, you’ll make it difficult for yourself. Try to have a carefree attitude as much as possible.


4. What is a premonition dream?
Premonitions while awake aren’t the same as the premonitions you get in your dreams. For most people, dreams go deeper than our normal, usual awake state. In the dream state, we’re not defensive like we are during the day – and a lot of our defenses are automatic, repeating the ways we learned to protect ourselves when we were little children. In sleep, such habitual energy distortions in our field take a break.

We go to a safe, supportive, loving space where we don’t need such distortions. We don’t need denial, aggression, avoidance, neediness, entangling others in our problems, or any other defenses. If you receive premonition-like information in your dreams, be it images, direct messages or other forms, take them seriously.

To make sure they’re real premonitions and not tricks of your subconscious, repeat the message or the images in your mind, when awake, and see how they feel. A premonition will always feel right. Always.


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5. What to do with premonitions
So, you got a premonition and you’re sure it’s true, that it’s genuinely from the depths of your soul or the spirit world. What do you do now? That depends on the premonition. You don’t have to act on it. Sometimes knowing it is enough to prepare yourself emotionally for any upcoming event. And sometimes we can’t change things, even if we know what will happen, fate is bigger than us.

If your premonition is about something that can help you change the outcome of a situation, and you want to change it, then by all means go at it. You don’t have to explain to anyone why you do what you do, you can tell them after the fact if you want.

If your premonition is about an earthquake, flood, hurricane, illness or even death, there might not be much you can do. If it’s a natural disaster, focus on your premonition and ask to be given information about the timing of it. You might be able to go somewhere else during that time. But it might also be that your soul has agreed to experience such an event, and it’s letting you know that it’s coming.

Sometimes our souls agree to experience difficult events – not because we are masochists as a species, but because sometimes such events introduce us to our own grandeur and our very own hidden or undiscovered capacities to give and receive love in quantities that are beyond our daily imagination.

So, if you feel that something “bad” is about to happen, work to tap into your inner resources, and realize that the Divine is never bad – none of the natural disasters happen to punish us. It’s just the way mother nature works, and again, such circumstances sometimes help humans to become bigger, better, more spiritual, and just emotionally deeper.

There’s pure free will on earth. Even one’s choice to stay here or leave is made by our souls – we might not be aware of it in our egos or minds, but such things are never a coincidence. So if you get a premonition about a life-changing situation, do your absolute best to go with the flow, to strengthen your trust in the benign nature of the universe. And if there are ways you can prepare yourself, go for it.

More tips
Sometimes what you think of as premonitions are direct messages from your Spirit Guides. Especially if they come to you in words or phrases. Most of the time when our guides talk to us, there appears a very subtle channel-like vacuum near our ear – when you hear your next premonition, pay attention to where the voice is coming from.

If you are not sure if the information is coming from your spirit guide, ask a question the moment you hear your premonition. Ask very clear, honest, open question. Not because you’re testing your guide or trying to manipulate the situation. See it as an opportunity to connect with your guide. Every guide is different, and they sound different – but your guide will sound the same next time you connect with him or her. (a deceased loved one might also be guiding you).

If you’re the type of person who gets premonitions in images, get yourself some colors, pencils, and canvases and start painting. Don’t expect premonitions to come through your artwork right away – let go and paint, paint, paint, then paint some more. Over time you’ll see that messages will start coming through your art, and the images you see in your mind’s eye will become clearer too.

Meditate, paint, and find other ways that will bring calm and stability into your life. These activities will bring peace to your soul and a peaceful soul is always better connected to the spirit world. O what works for you – yoga, journaling, singing, running – really it could be anything. What matters is that you connect to yourself from a deeper place.


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